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    Replace Dinan Exhaust with OEM

    I have owned 5 ZHPs (2 sedans and 3 convertibles) including the 2 convertibles I currently own. One is 100% stock, the other has several Dinan upgrades, including a Dinan exhaust. I really prefer the quieter stock exhaust over the Dinan, since it is my daily driver, and now want to revert back to stock. The car has a steptronic transmission and 50k miles.

    I don't have records of which Dinan parts were added by the previous owner so I am fishing in the dark a bit. I don't know if they replaced the rear muffler only or both center & rear. Looking for advice/comments about:

    1. Rear muffler only w/performance package - Looking at this one for $685.30 (says it is for performance package cars, but is the muffler the same for steptronics and manuals?) -

    2. Center & rear muffler (says for convertibles and automatics only, but is it for ZHPs?) $959.41 -

    I also have started another post in the Suspension subforum regarding reverting from Dinan back to stock suspension.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Sorry I don't have any advice around the OEM muffler, but I did send you a PM as I am interested in buying the Dinan muffler.

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    I have a spare oem zhp muffler but don't know if shipping is an option.

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    ever consider grabbing a used exhaust from a part out car? I searched Houston on CL for ZHP part outs and see at least 3 convertibles.....

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    No reason that I know of that any E46 330 muffler wld not fit the ZHP. But, the convertible full exhaust is different due to the support brace (but should be no issues from just the muffler back (axel back)). I put in aftermarket exhaust on my vert that technically are not for verts, you just have to do a bit of work to fit them in.

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    The dinan exhaust for the e46 was just the rear muffler. The factory exhaust is cut and the dinan muffler is installed with clamps.

    I have a spare factory zhp muffler and potentially a bmw performance muffler that I would be interested as a trade.

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    My sister's ZHP has a few Dinan bits including the muffler. It's definitely a little deeper and throatier than the stock exhaust but I like it.

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    Thanks everyone. PMs replied to.

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    I have attached photos of my muffler which as best as I can tell is Dinan (the tips are, obviously). Can anyone confirm the muffler is Dinan? It doesn't look like a stock muffler based on photos I have seen on ECS Tuning, etc. Thanks.
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