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Thread: Battery suggestion Duralast H7-DLG or H7-AGM?

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    Battery suggestion Duralast H7-DLG or H7-AGM?

    I have the Autozone Duralast H7-DLG regular battery. They lasted a good acceptable 3 years each time. in this desert city I live in. The AGM version cost about $40 more, for slightly more crank power. Is there a reason you've picked the AGM over the regular one?

    Anyone know of good deals of battery currently at your local auto retailer?

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    AGM batteries differ in that they contain less acid and the internal plates are coiled rather than flat. They also do not require ventilation. They are helpful if your car remains switched on without the engine running for extended periods. I"m running a Duralast H8 AGM and it's been great so far.
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    I’ve installed two of the AGM’s without issues.
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    running an AGM since 2017 in mine
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    I run AGM as well in both of my cars.
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    Fuck AGM batteries, they are pissy pieces of shit.

    I've had nothing but trouble with them. They get pissy when it's cold. If you hook them up to a traditional battery charger, they commit jihad. They demand special princess AGM battery treatment. Drain them once for any reason, and there's a real risk they're completely fried. If you're lucky you can kickstart them back to life by applying massive voltages/current, and if you're not, the battery is toast. More likely than not it won't sustain the appropriate voltage thereafter either, and will blow all the electronics in your car. They can't be serviced. The advantages they bring don't apply to the ZHP (this car doesn't brim with electronics), and I've personally never had a traditional battery leak on me ever. Even if they did, the ZHP has a convenient vent hose so you don't have to worry about it anyway. I personally suspect they lose charge over time just out of spite for the owner.

    And what do you pay for all this privilege? About twice the price of a normal battery. I suspect a lot of that goes to funding warranty replacements.

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