I am finally getting rid of my beloved 1998 Volvo S90, a car built like no other car today. Luxury through integrity. The last of the original swedish volvos. Bulletproof straight-6 engine, hand-stitched leather seats, a heater capable of nuclear fusion, just an awesome awesome awesome car without needless complexities. Omg I’m going to miss this car so much.

In its last days she served as my beater tow-mobile. The only car with a hitch for all hitching needs. Now she’s going, it’s up to the ZHP to pick up the slack.

What are the best options for a ZHP hitch? I have a Sedan, 6spd MT. What about the wiring for the lights?

I did a little bit of research, I did find this: http://www.zhpmafia.com/forums/showt...er-for-the-ZHP!

and this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003PIIGZU...ype=automotive

But in that old thread there are no specifics about the hitch, only the trailer.

I’m going to miss the Volvo, and all cars that were built properly. Fuck.

Here is the volvo: https://i.postimg.cc/CYYFRH09/DSC-5725.jpg