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Thread: E9x Keyless Entry/start (PassiveGo) Retrofit for E46

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    E9x Keyless Entry/start (PassiveGo) Retrofit for E46

    Man, I've had this for years. I admire the optimism I had as a teenager. I just graduated college and need to downsize and this is a project I've come to terms that I'll never complete.

    I’m selling my Keyless Entry kit from an E9x to go into an E46. Yes, this is a real thing. Proof:
    and without the key inserted (full keyless):
    Not much else to say other than this project isn’t for the faint of heart. There is minor custom fab required but more importantly a lot of wiring, so you much be comfortable with tech in that sort. I have EVERYTHING you need except for wires and the custom board (I have schematics for you) which can be found here and I have a copy as well. Most resourced I've used I've archived on my website here

    What’s included:
    -2 key sensors
    -Key fob, DME, CAS all from the same car
    -Body control module
    -Comfort access module
    -button + ribbon

    Asking $375 shipped for everything Feel free to ask questions. I will add pics late tonight (lots of work today).

    latest pic: Name:  20200916-DSC04707 copy.jpg
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    Wow that's cool!


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