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Thread: New Navigation Screen not Centered

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    New Navigation Screen not Centered

    I had some burnt out pixels on my old NAV screen so I ordered a replacement. Being the first time it took me about 2.5 hours to replace the screen. I installed it back in the car and the screen is off centered to the right. Looking at the old screen there are adjustment screws on the back but you have to disassemble the entire thing again and there is no way to center it when it's in pieces. Is there a way to center a stock navigation unit in the car?

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    What a PITA - I had to take it all apart, have my wife hold the display and circuit board while I made adjustments to the H-POS screw. To top it off the battery died when I put it in so I thought the display was out again. Either way I am finished and happy that I have it done

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