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Thread: WTB: 6 speed sedan

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    WTB: 6 speed sedan

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    My black beauty was turned into a hatchback recently, I am on the market for a replacement, not in a rush to buy. Looking for a driver condition zhp sedan that is rust free. I'm ok with some modifications as long as they are "tasteful upgrades" (car that isn't hacked up), but bone stock is good too. I'm ok if the car needs maintenance, as long as the price reflects that.

    Year(s): 03-04.
    Budget: up to 10K.
    Desired location of vehicle: Dry climate.
    Desired Mileage: under 150000.
    Transmission type: 6 speed ONLY.
    Desired number of Doors: 4 ONLY.
    Desired Color combos: open to options, but has to have black or peanut butter interior - cloth is ok. Would prefer Imola, white, or perhaps black, not a big fan of silver or gray, but will consider.
    Desired Packages: not sure. Do want heated seats, almost a must really.
    Funds lined up? yes.
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