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Thread: Fuel Filter - Question

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    Fuel Filter - Question

    I ordered a new fuel filter for my car (OEM Kayser) but it didn't come with the black rubber sleeve. Before ripping everything apart, does anyone know if the sleeve can be taken off the old one. Also is there a better filter than this one? I have read mixed reviews even though it is OEM

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    I have used that brand in the past with no issues.

    The sleeve can be removed from the old filter and installed on the new

    Also it's a good idea to replace the fuel hoses and clamps that connect to the filter.

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    I replaced mine with Kayser as well, odd how yours didn't come with a sleeve. Perhaps they're cost cutting, but mine came with one when I did it 4 years ago
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    Thanks - I will get some new clamps and hoses and try in next week.

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