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    Hey guys, I noticed that these guys are a popular source for replacement seat skins for e46s, so I thought I'd share my recent experience.

    After corresponding with LSeat mid-summer, they indicated that they did not have a pattern for an NB1 (99-00) Miata but would give me 50% off if I shipped them my covers. They promised a turnaround of 3-4 weeks.

    I removed and shipped my original leather covers to them in mid-July, they arrived at their PO Box on July 29. After an exchange to finalize what I wanted on August 2, I waited patiently for an email to arrange for payment. When I didn't get one I followed up on August 21, and they responded saying "we are still working on it, we will let you know once we get it done".

    That's the last I heard from them, they have not responded to emails sent on September 20, 22 and again today October 4.

    I am now stuck with a Miata with no seat skins, and out about CA$50 in shipping costs. If there is a change in this and they come through I will update, but at this time I have no alternative but to believe that I've been defrauded.

    2009 Porsche Carrera S Coupe PDK/Sport Chrono Plus - Porsche Racing Green / Sand Beige Full Leather
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    Damn Ayan sorry to hear this! I hope things will get sorted out for you!

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    Hopefully they're just slow to respond, not that that would be acceptable.

    Found this similar experience on
    Maybe was good a few years ago, but do your homework. They scammed me out of my money. They had me to send in my original seat covers to use as a pattern in exchange for 50% off my order. After dickering around for 5 months and me asking for status numerous times, they finally said my seats were ready. He/they reassured me my seats were ready to ship. I placed an order after they gave me 50% store credit. Fifteen days, yes, fifteen days later, still has not shipped. When I asked, I got the good ol' "Your order will ship tomorrow". When I asked for a tracking number, they send me a UPS Ground tracking number. To this date, the shipment sits at "Shipment ready for UPS". Yeah, right. Yang Hu had no intentions of shipping. He had NOTHING to ship.
    Reminds me of the practices of a certain car modifier that was popular for his work on Vipers.

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