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Thread: 2020...time for more ZKW rebuild talk

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    2020...time for more ZKW rebuild talk

    New ZHP owner...and new to the site. Not new to the E46 we are once again. Bought the RFS Retro Quik which now comes with Morimoto D2S 5.0 projectors. I rebuilt the drivers side light and it looks like the projector sits way too far forward in the headlight housing. It might be 15mm from hitting the clear plastic lens cover. Looks off compared to the original lights. I recall there were some spacers that get installed between the projector and the headlight housing. Not sure what their purpose is, but I suspect the are the cause of the projector being so far forward. Anyone else run into this?? Are the spacers in the RFS kit really needed??

    Side note...I pulled my passenger for a rebuild, and it's an AL I can't rebuild it with the kit I bought. At this point, they look like two different lights on the car which is no bueno.
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