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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Looks very sharp.
    Thanks Fredo!

    Oh and I realized the wheels in those pics were my track setup which is why they look so ratty. I take very good care of my street setup as I've had them since new and they are nearly mint:

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    I've been a heavy user of CarPro products for the last 2 years. Great results with CarPro Reload, Eraser, IronX, Reset Shampoo and CQuartz UK 3.0 and Gliss. No reason to stop using them but I gave AMMO NYC a bigger chance with my latest car. I've used AMMO product (Frothee, Mud and Boost) and I liked them.

    The below pic is the result of using Meguires M105 compound /M205 polish with AMMO Reflex Pro enamel coat and about a month alter using AMMO reboot enamel coat.

    Reflex Pro- I like it, not convinced mainly due to the price ($150). I used 80% of the bottle on my ZHP with just one coat. Maybe I was used to CQuartz where I could get 2.5 cars with the same amount as it goes on thicker but the AMMO product went on thin and I might've overused the product. Can't speak of longevity but it feels super slick and the water beads/falls off better than the CQuartz. I found CQuartz would attract dust whereas AMMO Reflex Pro does not at all.

    AMMO Reboot- I love this stuff. Great shine and super easy to apply (Spray on/ wipe off). I even used it on my NA Miata which had carnauba wax and I loved the results. Again, dust just flies off which is great because my garage gets super dusty.

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