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Thread: What Maintenance Would You Recommend

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    What Maintenance Would You Recommend

    My 2006 ZHP Convertible just hit 52K miles. At 50K I had the tires replace, brake fluid flushed, brake switches replaced, battery replaced, coolant flushed, and injectors cleaned. Although the car has low miles, most everything else has 14 years of sitting, so I want to replace the common failure points. I just ordered a complete coolant system kit, tensioners, belts, and plugs. Can anyone thing of what else I should do to the car? I just want it to be reliable when I take it out.


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    Did you also order pulleys? Since they’re plastic and quite old might be a good idea to replace them.

    You might also want to change dampers and suspension bushings but they obviously have nothing to do with reliability.

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    San - thanks for the feedback. I ordered new pulleys as well. I had ordered a CCV kit when I bought the car but never installed it - this might be a good time

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    The cooling system is the biggest issue but since you are dealing with it, you should be good for a while in terms of avoiding unexpected trouble. But if you have the time then go through this thread

    William's 330Ci ZHP Maintenance and Project Thread

    He bought his car with around 50k miles and has done a lot of maintenance you may want to either now or in the future...

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    Yeah, I went a little buck wild early on with preventative maintenance but I feel pretty confident in my car for that reason. I don't know what your goals are for your car i.e. keep it stock, modify it a bit, or go the ricer route. For me, I like "OEM+," so my recs are mostly OEM/factory with a few improvements here and there:
    - Change all fluids (differential, brake/clutch, engine motor oil, differential oil, coolant). Super cheap maintenance/insurance
    - Coolant system overhaul +/- radiator (water pump, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, expansion tank, upper and lower hoses, maybe the heater core hose, etc). I replaced the radiator because the inlet/outlet is plastic and was a known weak point on the M62 in the E39 540i, so I did it preventatively on my car, but honestly I think it was overkill.
    - Suspension: stock dampers are due for replacement by 50k miles, so I went to town replacing parts. Granted, there's nothing emergent about replacing those parts other than it will be less comfortable, deficits to your performance, and probably more wear on your tires, but a lot of people don't notice. You can follow my thread here:
    - A wheel alignment
    - Pulleys and belts, which looks like you have those covered
    - Fuel filter and soft lines. I never replaced my lines and I'm kicking myself for that.
    - Spark plugs
    - Check for valve cover gasket leak.

    I'm sure other things will come to mind but those are the first things I'd address.

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    You should add a DISA valve upgrade. You don't want that thing coming apart in your intake manifold.

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