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Thread: Still having idle issues--injectors??

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    Still having idle issues--injectors??

    Hope everyone is having a nice November

    My ZHP is still idling a little on the rough side. It's not a cold idle, it's usually after it warms up. Car starts fine, cold idle is fairly smooth, but once the revs drop to about 700 or so when it's warmer, it begins to stumble a little. I can feel it in the car and see it on the tach. Driving is fine, no noticeable loss of power or anything like that, but when I come to a stop, revs sometimes drop to about 500 and it again stumbles somewhat.

    There are no codes.

    Here is everything I've replaced:

    Intake manifold gasket
    Valve cover gaskets
    Air filter
    Fuel filter
    Spark plugs
    Brake booster vacuum valve
    Camshaft sensor (intake)

    DISA (G.A.S. kit)
    VANOS (seals)

    Idle control valve (cleaned it like 5 times by now!)
    MAF sensor
    Throttle body

    Smoke test has been performed and leaks were fixed.

    I'm wondering if I should replace my injectors. I tried getting readings using INPA but was having difficulty (all just module timeouts). In different software, I'm getting different values for "Average rough idle" across cylinders. Most read values of "15.xx" and others are "0". I'm not exactly sure what this is measuring though.

    Any ideas/feedback would be appreciated, as always
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