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    Quote Originally Posted by zhpnsnv View Post
    I don't know the #s/stats but I feel like the combo you're looking at is pretty rare? I remember the days when members were hoping to get massive premiums for their AW cars. Maybe we're still in those days.
    ZHP info & production numbers can be found here:
    2006 330ci ZHP - Silbergrau Metallic / Stoff Laser/Anthrazit / Alu Black Cube trim / Adaptive Xenon headlights / HK hi-fi system / heated front seats

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    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    ZHP info & production numbers can be found here:
    looks like of the 52 sedan AW/NB's produced, most were AT (33) - 63%

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    I知 overwhelmed by the amount of comments and advice guys! Thank you!

    I got it!!! It痴 not perfect, but still really clean. For my first BMW, I知 thrilled. I知 not disappointed in the AT at all. I managed to get it below asking price which made it even more impossible to pass on. And yeah if I remember correctly I think this is 1/33 of this exact combo, which is really cool to me. I知 gonna get the title transfer done tomorrow and give her a good wash and I値l try to post some pictures!!

    Again, thank you everyone! Stoked to have joined this community.

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    Congratulations! Be sure to stick around

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    Congrats! Keep us posted (photos, photos, photos)!

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    Nice! Pics!
    - Marc

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    Congrats !
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    Nice!! Welcome! Getting a ZHP was one of the best and most memorable car decisions I made. Great choice. Enjoy!

    Stu, if you and I met in an earlier life, we'd probably be dead. - Dane

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    congrats on the pick-up and welcome to the boards!
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP - BMWP brakes/intake/strut bar/shifter, Coby wraps interior, BBS CHs, Eagle Eye LED tails, LED fog lights, GC coilovers, Sprint Booster/sport button mod, 4.5 LCM w/ programming, Xtrons 9inch HU, BSW stg1, dynamat, M3 sedan dead pedal, oCarbon CF interior trim, CF seat backs, 2x2 CF MTECH2 diffuser, CF cabin filter cover

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    Congrats on picking up your first ZHP You will find many on here who will provide you with answers. Take a look at the DIY and Maintenance section of this forum as well. Welcome!

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