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    $10 here, $20 there turns into $100 here, $200 there...

    I too am more than $10k into mine as well. I'm just glad that at the mileage mine has (I think it's similar to yours Charlie) I'm under Hagerty. I'd cry if someone totaled my car, I'd cry even harder getting paid out like $5k for a "high-mileage POS"
    Yeah, that is the risk we all take when we drive our cars. If that were to happen I would buy back my ZHP then find another Mystic blau to transfer my mods to and start over.

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    Today I decided to take a break from working on all my cars for the time being.

    I'm waiting for ECS Tuning to fulfill my order and get all the parts I ordered and paid for to be sent out to me. Waiting for FCP Euro to do the same...

    Last night I caught a "bug" from work and had a bad case of the shivers and this morning my ribs and back is sore from the coughing fits I had last night so I'll be taking it easy for a week or two while resting up. Sad part of getting older in life... as they say, shit happens . . .

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