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    Quote Originally Posted by ///Mark_D View Post
    I've been really impressed with the DISA rebuild kit from GAS. I installed it on my daily driver back in 2017 and have put around 100,000 miles on since then. The other day I pulled it out the DISA while replacing the OFHG and the aluminum flap and actuator mechanism still look like new and function perfectly.
    I did this for "peace of mind" not knowing the condition of my installed DISA and when I pulled it out to swap in the new DISA, I found out the old DISA unit had the G.A.S. DISA upgrade kit installed so I will clean up that DISA unit and store it as "spare parts". It was a surprise for sure.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Tomorrow I will be sending payment for this G.A.S. CCV kit and it will be sent out on it's way to me to install in my ZHP. I am looking forward to having this installed

    I also sourced an HVAC relocation kit for my upcoming Avin 4 head unit install completing my stereo refresh for my ZHP

    Items that I can add to my ZHP that will help make it a more unique build . . .

    EDIT: This kit has been purchased this morning and it will be sent out to me today via UPS.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Weather gloomy today with overcast clouds and threat of rain so I installed a new steering wheel trim Gary (Wolfn8tr) was nice enough to send to me

    I applied a few coats of ceramic based wax to the finish first.

    and got this amazing finish and shine Then installed it on my alcantara steering wheel

    The new steering wheel trim matches the Piano Black interior trim I am currently running in my ZHP

    as you can see . . . the new M steering wheel emblem below is identical to the OE M emblem above in the picture below

    here is the part number for a new steering wheel emblem


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    I picked this up tonight from a good friend. It was only mounted so there will be a few connections I will need help with. Luckily I have Botond to lend me a hand when I am ready to install this into my ZHP

    I can't thank Steve (SNA77) enough for this item

    Once installed it will make a nice upgrade over the OE Business CD radio currently installed

    The progression/evolution to my ZHP continues . . .

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    That’s pretty cool, the internet never ceases to amaze
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP - BMWP brakes/intake/strut bar/shifter, Coby wraps interior, BBS CHs, Eagle Eye LED tails, LED fog lights, GC coilovers, Sprint Booster/sport button mod, 4.5 LCM w/ programming, Xtrons 9inch HU, BSW stg1, dynamat, M3 sedan dead pedal, oCarbon CF interior trim, CF seat backs, 2x2 CF MTECH2 diffuser, CF cabin filter cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    That’s pretty cool, the internet never ceases to amaze
    Jacob, I also posted the link so anyone can do this with their various photos

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    My new HVAC relocation kit came in yesterday

    I am waiting on a new 17-pin main wiring harness then I can begin the installation of my new AVIN 4 head unit into my ZHP

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    AVIN 4 Head Unit install

    Today was a good day to refresh the HVAC relocation kit in my M3 so I installed the new kit there and took out the one in my M3 to install into my ZHP since my 17-pin main wiring harness from AVIN arrived in the mail today . . .

    The old bracket was taken out and thrown away since the ash tray cover wasn't working and was missing the chrome strip in the middle . . .

    I then took out the center vent and removed the OE bracket so I could install my new head unit. I installed the new GPS antenna, the wifi antenna and a bunch of other connectors to fit everything in without forcing anything, then I optested the head unit (radio antenna not connected) to make sure everything works. I ordered the antenna adapter so I can connect my radio antenna when it arrives but in the mean time I can bluetooth stream from my iPhone so there's no hurry to get the radio part of the head unit connected.

    Everything has been put back together and I am pleased to have a radio unit that looks OEM yet provides more modern features although I still have a few things to work out.

    This is the home screen before I got everything synched up. Since I have refreshed my cabin speakers using BAVSOUND speakers and I got this head unit from Steve, the sound output is simply amazing considering I'm still using OE Harmon Kardon amps. I'm very pleased with the quality of sound from this setup and am very grateful to Steve for providing me this opportunity to install this head unit into my ZHP

    For me this install/upgrade was plug and play, just the way I wanted it
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    Getting a BavSound setup for my car is definitely one of the lurking things to do, among a million others...

    Glad you got it all put together!

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