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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    Getting a BavSound setup for my car is definitely one of the lurking things to do, among a million others...

    Glad you got it all put together!
    Thanks! Appreciate the kind words Unless you're planning on going to a full aftermarket stereo setup, upgrading to the BAVSOUND speakers is the way to go. It is pretty much plug and play and the sound output from them is excellent. So far after installing them I have absolutely no complaints and with this AVIN 4 head unit w/ EQ, the sound is even better

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    I made a short video showing the upgraded stereo and how it sounds. I am impressed by the improvement of sound quality the new Avin 4 head unit brings.

    I now need to finish my rear sub refresh project so I can install my Rockford Fosgate subs and finish my 2022 stereo refresh project for my ZHP

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    Having gone from my Business CD Radio to my new Avin 4 head unit, the I-Bus app was alreay installed so I purchased the license for my car to take advantage of the full software. The one thing I like is it displays everything in one easy to read location.

    There are those who will say the info is already there but some of it isn't. I like how the info is formatted so you can easily scan for the info rather than using the stalk to go thru selections. Having ready access on one display is a much faster way to get all your info in my opinion Only exception is oil temp but I have an actual gauge on my instrument cluster that shows oil temp

    I also like that you can look at your display before turning the key to take out and easily see if any window is not fully closed . . .

    If your window isn't fully closed, on the display (above) that window will be red so this is another quick check to make sure your window is fully seated. I don't always use my switches to make sure my windows are fully closed so this is a good check

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I was on the BMW E46 Performance Package (ZHP) Owner's Club facebook page this evening and chatting with D.K. and he brought something interesting to my attention. Something I am planning to incorporate into my ZHP build for the 2023 car season

    I think this will add a very nice touch to my ZHP sedan. It's going to happen . . .

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I ordered this microphone to install into my new Avin so I can restore my hands free bluetooth phone feature. The built in microphone was not working out good enough so I'm adding this to clean things up some . . .

    The new microphone will mount in the same spot my factory microphone mounts.

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    First time I hear the soft close doors are available for the e46 platform. That will be a cool mod.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    It came in

    My Bimmian phone mount in the background (pic below)

    New external microphone for my Avin 4 head unit came in so I installed it and tested the connection. Everything working perfectly

    All I have left in this install is TPMS (using internal sensors for my BBS CH wheels), rear camera and rear subwoofer refresh then I will be finished with my stereo refresh project

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    First time I hear the soft close doors are available for the e46 platform. That will be a cool mod.
    All part of making my ZHP a more unique street/highway cruising car

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    It is a goal and I'm making progress little by little towards this goal . . .

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