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    Are you planning on getting agreed-value insurance? With enthusiasts like us who have put more into our cars than we've purchased them for, it's something I want to look into when I move to US. I have had a couple accidents and both times had to fight not to have my car totalled. It's especially worrying with a high-mileage car since it's just a "crappy old BMW worth nothing" in the insurance company's eyes
    This is true and once I have everything done I may look to get agreed-value insurance for all four of my cars... the problem with insurance companies is that they all are a scam!

    They are in the business to make money from their customers so in the event you get rear ended by some dumbass teenager texting while driving, we take a loss on our cars because of current value vs cost of repair.

    I went thru this BS with my M3 a few years back because I tapped someone's car, caused $600 damage to their car and on my M3 I had to replace a passenger headlight assembly, front radiator support, and a hood. There was also some damage to my bumper which would be part of all this and the cost of all necessary parts (hood, front radiator support, and passenger headlight assembly) as well as repainting of the hood, fenders and bumper would have totalled my M3 due to mileage (181k at the time of the accident) so I kept the insurance out of it and did all the repairs myself out of pocket. Did it hurt? Hell yes it did because my insurance rates went up and I had to pay out of pocket to fully repair my M3... but I kept it from getting totalled and having a salvage title as well as having to deal with buying my car back... I did not want to go thru those headaches.

    - no worries on derailing my thread

    You will love the SF Bay Area Beautiful! Derek (Derbo) is in this area as well as a few other enthusiasts... lots of awesome opportunities for photo ops with your car. Jelly.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Galapolis View Post
    Resprays aren't uncommon back in Europe, even non-enthusiasts will opt for them because paint is just a wear and tear item like all other mechanical parts on a car. $10k is too much though, if we are just talking respray in the existing color with factory level quality, I'd be looking at the $5k region.
    When I repaint my ZHP I will be looking to have the hood, doors, side skirts, front and rear bumpers removed and have the car properly prepped and repainted... the rear driver's side door has damage and poor repairs on it so it looks like either a door replacement or replace the door skin.... that too will add to the cost but I want to have this car done right without any taped lines showing... all this requires a lot of work and will end up costing a pretty penny but to me it will be worth having my ZHP back to pristine condition no matter the least this is my goal...

    Then there are the Style 135 wheels... yes, I will either have them replaced or reconditioned back to brand new like condition... as heavy as these wheels are, they still look the best on the ZHP to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galapolis View Post
    Do it, not sure how Moose drivers are but US drivers something else, that's for sure.
    Ain't that the truth!!!

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I received a package from Status Gruppe Tuning today and immediately realized my OEM E92 LED license plate lights for my CSL bootlid was inside

    Later this afternoon when temps start dropping, I will take off my trunk liner and license plate to install these lights to my bootlid completing the install mod

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    I finished installing the E92 LED license plate lights and the results are excellent. As with aftermarket bootlids there was some filing that needed to be done so that the LED lights would fit in just right. Other than that, I feel they came out very nice

    I can now officially say my CSL Bootlid for sedan is complete. I like the new look of my ZHP

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    After installing my carbon fiber CSL bootlid on my ZHP I sealed the carbon fiber finish with a sealer and then used some good carnuba wax to protect the finish and was greeted to seeing this today....

    With a properly detailed deck it cleans up so easily and looks like this...

    Looks so fresh and nice!

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I sent Ron payment for my Autosolutions SSK for my ZHP today. Once my kit arrives I will be installing it into my daily driver. Appreciate feedback regarding use of this SSK on our ZHP. Thanks Vas and Hieu! Feedback from both of you regarding this product is why I followed up with Ron and ordered my kit

    Botond wanted to check my HVAC and in the process found out why my recirc button would not work and was able to restore the button back to normal operation. It seems the auto recirc function was disabled thru software so Botond reenabled this function and was able to restore normal operation back to my HVAC.

    Key to having an amazing car is getting "quality mods" for it and making steady progress my friends

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    I got a few outside pics using my Nikon DSLR yesterday so I could send a few pictures to Status Gruppe Tuning for their product picture review. Hopefully they will select a few pictures to post on their website

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    Did u ever say how u install the bmw roundel on ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rguti153 View Post
    Did u ever say how u install the bmw roundel on?
    I drilled the two holes for the Roundel to slide in then I applied a few layers of 3M double sided tape on the back of the roundel so it would stay on the bootlid. So far no issues...

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    Ooooooh man I feel like it'd take me 20 minutes to make the holes. 18 minutes of checking they're level and 2 minutes of actual drilling
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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