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    Also ordered this today to clean up my center console


    Leaves me a few more items to restore/clean up before I can say I'm done with the interior refresh

    Still lots going on with regards to my ZHP maintenance and mods . . . not planning to stop until I have reached my goal. I still have a lot I need to do to restore this ZHP back to where it should be . . .
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    Good plan, these new parts will go well with your alcantara interior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Good plan, these new parts will go well with your alcantara interior.
    fredo, I have had this Coby wheel from my Imola ZHP for many years now. The Alcantara/stitching does not go with my current Mystic Blue ZHP so I'm sending it back to Mike so he can refresh the Alcantara and add blue stitching to go with my Mystic ZHP and have new shift/eBrake boots made to go with my refreshed steering wheel.

    Yeah the new parts will go well with my Alcantara interior when I get it.

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    Red Line MTL has been ordered for my transmission oil flush,
    I have the AC Drive Tensioner Pulley . . . the Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley and Drive Belt Idler pulley are on order from FCP euro.

    I have the GUIBO, bolts and nuts to secure it to the drive shaft, the center line bearing and AutoSolutions SSK on hand for the upcoming maintenance

    Also have extra brake fluid bottles unused for the brake fluid flush I am also doing as part of my upcoming maintenance. I will use BMW's rear diff fluid for this upcoming maintenance so I should be set for my final maintenance of 2022.
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    I would suggest redline d4 atf for the transmission instead of mtl. It is a lot nicer especially in colder climates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post
    I would suggest redline d4 atf for the transmission instead of mtl. It is a lot nicer especially in colder climates
    I appreciate the recommendation Vas Since I have already ordered the MTL I will go with this for now and if I have issues during this winter I will change it out for the Redline D4 ATF in Spring. Thanks!

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    heck of a list!

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    heck of a list!
    New pulleys came in from FCP Euro today so I will add them to the list of things to do on the 19th

    Took the "refreshed" ZHP to the Boston area to visit my friend Steve and help convert his OEM M3 side mirrors on his ZHP Vert back to manual folding side mirrors.

    The car drove exceptionally well and feels so much stronger with all the maintenance I have recently done to it. Looking forward to doing the drive line maintenance, ssk upgrade and oil change. Car should be set for winter driving.

    @ Vas, I will be sure to change out transmission fluid if I run into any issues using the MTL fluid. I just wish I had known about this before buying the MTL fluid Brettski recommended to me...

    All good though . . . my car is really coming along with the maintenance I have put into this neglected and poorly maintained ZHP. Feels great bringing this car back to where it should have been all along... I have much more planned ahead for this road warrior

    EDIT: I'm already making plans on how/when I will be acquiring everything over the winter months for my Spring 2023 Suspension refresh. It will be done in my traditional fashion for everyone to see . . . I have already begun acquiring parts towards this upcoming maintenance

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    My ZHP has been dropped off at the shop to have more maintenance performed

    Today will be a new GUIBO/Centerline Bearing, AutoSolutions SSK install (keeping my original ZHP shifter), transmission flush, and a safety inspection as I realized my sticker expired.

    There will be much more work I will be doing to get my ZHP back to well maintained status . . . part of the fun is the journey getting there

    Edit: change in maintenance... I elected to just do the GUIBO/Center Line Bearing, transmission flush using Red Line MTL fluid and do the required state safety inspection that is needed instead.

    The other maintenance that I had originally planned will be deferred into the January 2023 time frame with a reliable and solid indy shop that I know to do this work.

    - AutoSolutions SSK install - (Jan 2023)
    - Flush Rear Differential fluid - (Jan 2023)
    - Brake fluid flush - (Jan 2023)
    - Clutch Delay Valve delete - (Jan 2023)
    - A/C Belt Tensioner Assembly replacement - (Jan 2023)

    By setting up this work this way, I will set myself up to have more work I have planned for Blauzed done at my indy shop instead.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    As I suspected after seeing so many issues to sort on my ZHP, the GUIBO and Center Line Bearing were in terrible condition and are now replaced with fresh parts. I can consider this part of my ZHP fully sorted now

    When I took this picture I was surprised that my ZHP did not exhibit any issues on my drive train. I just had this nagging feeling after doing my cooling system overhaul to get my drive line maintenance done right away.

    At least I know my ZHP is set here . . . on to other components

    always nice to see my car like this but expecting another surprise lurking around the corner

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