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Thread: My Mystic Adventure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
    lol yeah same. When they hit me up to sponsor, I was like who tf. Then I found out they were a sponsor on e46f too lol When looking at their products, they had mostly the aftermarket versions of normal maintenance items like the intake hoses and stuff. End lines, and camber arms. They didn't even have coils when I looked lol
    I'm fixing that hack's so-called fixes because he clearly is a cheapscape. After finishing my BBK upgrade I will be shifting my ZHP's maintenance to removing these POS coilovers and installing brand new PSS-10's and Ground Control camber kit then GUIBO changeout.... lots to do still but this car is getting proper care once again.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I started installing the front Wilwood BBK on my ZHP this weekend. The biggest difference between mounting this kit and the Brembo GT BBKs on my M3 other than the price for the kit are the spacers the Wilwood kit comes with to mount the caliper and caliper brackets.

    There are more adjustments needed to get the caliper installed with the Wilwood kit so they are more a custom setup rather than plug and play that the Brembo/Stoptech kits are.

    Trimming of the rotor dust shield needs to be done so this is how I trimmed off mine.

    With the Wilwood kit, brake pad wear sensors aren't used so I will have to periodically check my pads for wear... other than that... for the money this is not a bad kit.

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    The front kit has been installed and bedded in. Botond provided assistance with helping me install this kit and he bedded in my brakes. All I have to say is HOLY SHIT!!!! They bite stronger than an Alligator Snapping Turtle!! WOW!!! I'm very impressed by them and this is just the front kit!!

    Pedal feel is very firm, much more than the OEM setup and more than the BMW Performance kit I had on my first ZHP.

    I can't wait to get the rear kit installed now!

    If you're even on the fence on getting this kit for your ZHP I can say this kit is money well spent! It is not a plug and play kit like the Stoptech or Brembo GT BBKs are but so much cheaper for what they provide.

    This kit is more a customized kit put together by UUC who include their own caliper brackets to mount to the OE caliper mounts. You get a bunch of washers/spacers to use with this kit and at times can be frustrating to set up because the instructions I got with my kit regarding placement of washers and spacers did not work. I had to figure out how to set the caliper bracket and caliper with the spacer/washers before coming up with a workable setup that finally worked.

    You end up spending a lot of time figuring out how to set up one side but then once you do you repeat the same setup on the other side and it goes very quickly.

    The setup is solid and I feel good driving this car and look forward to completing the entire setup so I can start looking forward to installing proper ZHP coilovers

    As always thanks Botond for lending me a hand and providing good company that only a true and good friend can provide.

    @ Colin, I am glad I purchased this kit from you. I know it has been a long time coming and I can't wait for you to check out my ZHP the next time you're in my area. I will want you to experience this upgrade yourself

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Some great progress was made to my ZHP this weekend Feeling good about it tonight

    Yes... I know my wheels are dirty

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    Glad to hear you like the kit.

    But I am less confident about my plans to try and source the parts a la carte after reading about fiddling with spacers and washers. Guess we shall see when the time comes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by san View Post
    Glad to hear you like the kit.

    But I am less confident about my plans to try and source the parts a la carte after reading about fiddling with spacers and washers. Guess we shall see when the time comes.
    San, as much as I hate to say this I would go with sourcing the kit so you have everything including the caliper brackets which are custom made to work with our cars... when compared to other big brake kits (Brembo and Stoptech) you end up paying a lot more to have the on your car as compared to having these Wilwood brakes. It was frustrating trying to find the right setup to get the calipers to mount so that the rotors would spin with pads installed whereas if you spend a considerable more for the Brembos and Stoptech kits they would be plug and play. On the plus side is that if you ever have to replace your calipers, they cost less than $150 to source...

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    Glad they perform as advertised!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    Glad they perform as advertised!
    I'm glad too

    Applied a few coats of wax to the bootlid.

    The shine is amazing. You can see clouds reflect off the carbon fiber bootlid.

    It's a beautiful sight

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    I received this SIRIUS Satellite Radio Module from Ryan in the mail this afternoon.

    All about adding additional features into my ZHP to make this car OEM+

    When the dew points drop sufficiently I will be looking to route the antenna and install this module into my ZHP Thanks Ryan!

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I just completed installing my OEM BMW SIRIUS Radio module into my ZHP and temporarily running the antenna so it rests on my rear parcel shelf... I have an idea how I will run the antenna but that will be for another day. For now it is okay and it works

    The install process was very easy and I had no problem running the CD changer cable to the radio module then running the slave cable up to where I have my BlueBus located.

    I also did an operational test to make sure everything was functional and it was All I need to do now is activate my module by adding it to my account and my ZHP will be set

    cycling thru modes shows SIRIUS so I'm pleased with the results I want for this car... much more to do still

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