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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Road test has been completed this morning.

    My ZHP has more pull/low end torque than it did before it's expansion tank ruptured necessitating the repairs and extensive cooling system maintenance that followed.

    It's nice having a bullet proofed cooling system again with the car's complete intake path being thoroughly cleaned out, sensors replaced and new OFHG/VANOS Oil Feed Line installed along with a few notable upgrades. Nice having my ZHP back

    I can now say this maintenance is successfully completed @ 241,676 miles

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Update: The next day after my road test I started my car and began smelling fuel vapor thru my center vents so I stopped to investigate the source of the fumes only to discover that my OE fuel hose had disconnected from my fuel rail line. I tried reconnecting the fuel hose and it would not reconnect.

    Apparently the plastic retainer "clip" on the fuel hose broke and the hose required to be replaced to restore my fuel system. The engine was also washed down to get rid of the fuel residue and my fuel injectors were all checked to make sure they were installed and secured correctly as part of this maintenance which was nice.

    This was an unexpected maintenance item but made sense since the fuel hose was OE and over 18 years old. I now have a fresh fuel hose in place. Also I discovered a nail in each rear tire so I had the tires patched/repaired and then remounted. When I picked up my car from this additional maintenance I added my G.A.S. 1.2 bar expansion tank cap to finish complimenting the other G.A.S. products I have in my engine bay

    - G.A.S. CCV Replacement kit
    - G.A.S. DISA upgrade kit

    I then noticed that my parking brake handle assembly was broken and required replacement . . . always something :/

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    I sourced this eBrake handle to put on my ZHP this evening . . . should give the interior a nice touch
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    My eBrake Lever Assembly was starting to give me problems engaging/disengaging and it finally died yesterday. I could not fix it so I ordered a new eBrake Lever Assembly from FCP Euro and will be installing the new part once it arrives.

    Before installing I will obviously remove the leather handle so when my carbon fiber handle arrives I can easily install the new part to the eBrake Lever Assembly . . .

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    I decided before this year ends I will schedule my ZHP for one final maintenance for this year and have my GUIBO/center line bearing/transmission flush maintenance performed and install my AutoSolutions SSK to cap off my 2022 car year. Looking back I have put in a lot of work doing maintenance as well as installing upgrades to this car making it a daily driver I look forward to driving.

    What is nice now is that my cooling temps are back to where it should be with temps indicating in the middle of the temp gauge on my M3 gauge cluster.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Thanks John.

    Over the winter I will be working with Mike Coby (Coby Wheels) to refresh my Alcantara steering wheel and have new matching shift and ebrake boots made to put on my ZHP for next summer

    Car should start looking nice inside

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I started taking apart my other OEM M3 side mirror so I can finish trimming my side mirror base plate for sedan fitment

    Once finished, I can get them prepped and painted and begin prepping my mirror housing for base coat . . .

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    As 2022 is quickly coming to an end I looked back at the year's work I have put into my ZHP and have come up with this list:

    - BMW Individual Door Sills (Jan 2022)
    - Replacement BMW OEM weather seals for doors (Jan 2022)
    - BAVSOUND Speaker upgrade (Feb 2022)
    - BMW Umbrella Accessory Install (Feb 2022)
    - ECS Tuning aluminum oil dip stick (Apr 2022)
    - BMW Rear Electric Sun Shade retrofit (Apr 2022)
    - Rear parcel shelf/HK Speaker Grill refresh (Apr 2022)
    - G.A.S. DISA upgrade kit install (May 2022)
    - ///M Aluminum Pedal install (Jun 2022)
    - AVIN4 head unit upgrade (Jul 2022)
    - Full Cooling system overhaul (Oct 2022)
    .....- OEM BMW Radiator install
    .....- OEM BMW Coolant Expansion Tank install
    .....- OEM BMW Coolant level sensor install
    .....- OEM BMW coolant hard lines install
    .....- OEM BMW heater core lines install
    .....- OEM BMW coolant return line install
    .....- OEM BMW upper and lower radiator hose install
    .....- OEM BMW fan switch sensor install
    .....- OEM BMW thermostat install
    .....- Stewart Water Pump install
    .....- ECS Tuning Aluminum water pump nut cap
    .....- ECS Tuning lightweight aluminum water pump pulley
    - OFHG replacement (Oct 2022)
    - VANOS oil feed line replacement (Oct 2022)
    - Engine Coolant sensor replacement (Oct 2022)
    - Oil Pressure sensor replacement (Oct 2022)
    - Oil Temp sensor replacement (Oct 2022)
    - OE CCV delete (Oct 2022)
    - Intake ports and surface area on engine cleaned (Oct 2022)
    - Intake manifold cleaned and trimmed and new gasket applied (Oct 2022)
    - Idle Control Valve cleaned (Oct 2022)
    - Throttle Body cleaned and new gasket applied (Oct 2022)
    - Fuel Injectors cleaned and reconditioned (Oct 2022)
    - New Fuel Injector installation kit applied (Oct 2022)
    - New Vacuum lines installed (Oct 2022)
    - New OEM BMW Drive and AC Belts installed (Oct 2022)
    - BMW TPMS retrofit (Oct 2022)
    - Brass Bleed Screw added (Oct 2022)
    - G.A.S. CCV Replacement Kit installed (Oct 2022)
    - G.A.S. 1.2 bar radiator cap installed (Oct 2022)
    - OEM BMW fuel line to fuel rail replaced (Dec 2022)
    - OEM BMW Parking Brake Handle assembly replacement (Dec 2022)
    - Carbon fiber parking brake handle install (Dec 2022)
    - Parking Brake Handle Assembly replacement (Dec 2022)
    - GUIBO Replacement (Dec 2022)
    - Center Line Bearing Replacement (Dec 2022)
    - Transmission Flush using Red Line MTL fluid (Dec 2022)
    - Ignition Coil for #3 Cylinder (Dec 2022)
    - NGK BKR6EQUP Spark Plug for #3 Cylinder (Dec 2022)

    Overall I am pleased with the progress that I have made this year on my ZHP and have put a dent in some of the issues this car had when I rescued it while being able to upgrade my car along the way. The Cylinder #3 issue came up as I was pulling into the street where I live and for the time being I got a new NGK spark plug and used a spare good used ignition coil I had stored in my garage for temporary repairs until I do the proper change out of the plugs/ignition coils in February 2023 when I do my VCG maintenance. I have already planned more work for the 2023 car season so I am looking forward to seeing how my planned projects get completed over the upcoming year.

    My goal is to make my ZHP better one project at a time
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    Adding Parking Brake Handle assembly replacement to my list of things done to my ZHP this year

    The new leather handle does look nice. I will leave it as is for the time being.

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