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    Of course it all depends on if my G.A.S. CCV Replacement kit clears the ITB . . .

    If it does not clear then I won't be doing this mod. I would rather keep my G.A.S. CCV Replacement kit in place for my ZHP build so I will have to see . . .

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    How is the GAS replacement kit working out? I remember seeing GAS announce that kit years ago and it sounded like an awesome idea vs the catch can alternatives. Too bad I'm in California...not sure if it will pass visual.

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    Good stuff Charlie.

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I found six of these while doing maintenance on my ZHP today. I have a very good friend helping me out which makes doing maintenance more fun

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Fuel Injectors got cleaned today

    Got my intake manifold removed so I can make a minor modification to it as part of my G.A.S. CCV Replacement kit install, remove the rest of the OE CCV setup and leave it aside while I replace all the cooling hoses (hard and soft) while doing my cooling system overhaul.

    Having the intake manifold out will also make it much easier for me to access the Mk60 module so I can finish my TPMS retrofit adding another factory option to my ZHP.

    Intake manifold is removed for cleaning and a little modification. I am removing the rest of the OE CCV setup, will be doing the following while I have my intake manifold removed.

    - Oil Filter Housing Gasket replacement
    - TPMS retrofit
    - vacuum line replacement as needed
    - Engine Oil Temperature sensor replacement
    - cooling system hard line replacement
    - cooling system hoses replacement
    - radiator removal/replacement
    - expansion tank removal/replacement
    - water pump removal/replacement
    - thermostat removal/replacement
    - ECS Tuning aluminum water pump pulley
    - new belts
    - clean the Idle Control Valve
    - replace cable protector sleeves as needed
    - replace intake manifold gaskets
    - clean engine compartment using simple green

    Lots of maintenance to do as a result of my expansion tank rupturing.

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    lots of checked boxes after this service, very nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    lots of checked boxes after this service, very nice!
    Yeah Jacob, thanks! I'm getting much needed maintenance done while restoring and rebuilding my ZHP

    As part of my current maintenance plan and based on the discussion I had today with Botond I decided I will be purchasing this kit along with the rest of my cooling system refresh parts to do the cooling system refresh over the next weekend completing my maintenance and upgrade to my ZHP for the time being

    Seeing I have over 240k miles on this car and I don't know if the OFHG has ever been changed I feel it is a great time to do this maintenance as well as change out the VANOS oil feed line, engine oil pressure switch and engine coolant temperature sensor. Doing this maintenance with the intake manifold out will be so much easier so I'm getting a bunch of other maintenance items knocked out while doing the cooling system overhaul.

    Sourcing everything from FCP Euro other than parts I have already sourced from ECS Tuning (lightweight aluminum water pump pulley).

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I have already compiled about $650 worth of parts to install on my ZHP for this maintenance period and have gone down that preverbal rabbit hole so to speak . . .

    I have reviewed the scope of the work I am currently doing and this is what I'm looking at getting for the rest of the parts I will need to complete my current maintenance period on my ZHP:

    - BMW Radiator Adjustment Screw - manual transmission radiator
    - Radiator Offset Mount from Powerflex
    - BMW Belt Drive w/ water pump and alternator pulley
    - BMW A/C Belt
    - BMW Set Belt Drive and pulleys
    - BMW Engine Oil Filter Housing Gasket kit
    - BMW Coolant Return hose
    - BMW Radiator (Genuine OEM Part)
    - BMW Heater Inlet Pipe
    - BMW Coolant Pipe
    - BMW Fuel Injector Installation kit
    - Intake Manifold Nut (x7)

    and also getting these gaskets before reinstalling my throttle body and intake manifold

    So all in, I will need an additional $880.38 + tax to purchase these parts so that I can complete my maintenance and get the ZHP ready for winter. At least my cooling system will be fresh and hopefully trouble free. I am also completing my TPMS retrofit now that my intake manifold has been removed. I have been meaning to get this done. I now have no excuses now that I have plenty of room to access the Mk60 module to make the connection. So this maintenance will run me close to $1500 in just parts to complete. I can only imagine how much I would have spent on labor charges to get all this work completed . . .
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    My Mystic Adventure...

    The OE CCV system has been completely removed from my ZHP. I'm now committed to installing my new G.A.S. CCV replacement kit once all my cooling system components and sensors have been replaced. Tomorrow I will be completing my TPMS retrofit since I need to access my Mk60 module plug to make the necessary connection into Pin 40 of that plug. Once this is complete the TPMS button on my center console switch panel will become functional and I will then have another factory feature in this ZHP

    The other end of the wire has already been run and connected to the back of the center console switch panel so this should not take long to finish

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    Completed my order from FCP Euro for my maintenance parts I need for my current maintenance period of my ZHP . . . when finished my ZHP's cooling system should be solid for another 80k miles or so. I will have piece of mind having quality parts in a critical system of this car. This is one area you don't want to cheap out.

    My cooling system will now carry with it a lifetime warranty. This is how you do it right.

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