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Thread: Manifold blew up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobiedave02 View Post
    It was a cold start that day in the 40's. I removed the injectors and cleaned them and checked for proper operation. I could find no issues. I did have some strong fuel exhaust smell on starting a few times. The only issue I still have that I had before was long cranking but very inconsistent. 5-6 times it cranks on the first touch of the key. then it will crank and I will stop and have to crank it again to get it going. it takes a while to get the engine rpm up. it seems to stumble and very lumpy idle . until I give it lots of peddle. Fuel pressure is good at 50 on initial then down to 40psi and holds good. Fuel pump was replaced 75k ago.
    thanks for the comments.
    Sounds like a leaking injector or something in the fuel delivery system not holding pressure.

    The long crank does it relate to how long the car has been sitting? I.E. long cranks when sits for (2) days, but no issues if it sits for a hour.

    Can you connect a fuel pressure gauge and see what the fuel pressure does when the engine is off?

    If it is a leaking injector you can get the car to operating temp and simulate a drive cycle. Then pull the injectors/rail out of the intake and prop them up. Place sheets of white paper under the injectors and let them sit. After a period of time look to see if the paper is now discolored under an injector and that would be your leaking injector.
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    When I had a leaky injector it would do the long crank to stumble if it had sat for ~1-4 hours. The leaked fuel would have time to evaporate overnight so it would start up fine. Was very confusing.

    I confirmed it by pulling the fuel rail out (w/ injectors attached), laying a paper tower under the injectors, and turning the key to the on position (not cranking). You'll hear the fuel pump turn on and prime the rail to 50psi or whatever it is. Turn it off and check back in 10 minutes to see if there is a big wet spot on the paper towel under one of the injectors.

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    I installed rebuilt injectors from ebay b/c I got a telltale smell of gas (from the o-rings or something inside the cabin).

    Now it runs well.
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