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Thread: Sometimes having a BMW tech in the family feels like a maintenance cheat code

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    Sometimes having a BMW tech in the family feels like a maintenance cheat code

    2004 BMW 330i TiAg ZHP/// 6MT(purchased from forum 6/06/16);
    KONI Yellows | Akebono Brake Pads | ECIS cold air intake system;
    Hotchkis Sport sway bar | ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber front strut brace
    Vibrant Performance Muffler | Coby Wheel Tri-Stitch steering wheel & shift boot
    Michelin PSS | Blizzak WS-80

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    Same with friends having the same car. My friend has a beater 320 and there is always friendly banter between us (his car being in pretty bad condition aesthetically inside and out and it has a leaking heater core. But his car was only $2k CAD and is manual).

    His rear pads were seizing and turns out his car was missing all the dust caps for the slide pins. Luckily I kept my old ones when I swapped my fronts to brass bushings, so I just gave him mine
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    "...who's car did you steal that off of?"
    "No one's, but give me a sec..."

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