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    Anyone in San Diego area have a strut nut socket and official BMW spring compressor tool?

    I am replacing the front struts and springs and realized that I can not torque the strut properly and I can not compress the spring properly.

    The shop I went to had a better spring compressor so they got one spring installed onto the strut but I am not happy with how they torqued it.

    I was surprised when they used an impact because they told me over the phone that they had the specialty tool to torque it down properly.

    Also they couldn't get the second spring installed onto the other strut and told me the strut was defective "it is too short, the rod wont extend enough, there is no way we can compress the spring enough"

    I believed them and left. Once I got home I called FCP euro and they assured me the strut was fine...

    Anyways I do not want to go back to that shop, or any other right now. I thought I would ask the forums for help and maybe you could save me the hassle of having to deal with another shop.

    If anyone has these specialty tools and would be kind enough to let me borrow them for half a day I would save about $100, be able to torque the nut correctly, and finish this job.

    Anyways happy new years eve!

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    PM JP Hermes to see if he has one.

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    Thank you!

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    Hello to anyone reading this post, I do not need the spring compressors, what I am planning to do it get the spring compressed by someone else but taking the specialty tool and my torque wrench with me and telling them to use it instead.

    I do not have the specialty tool though because it costs ~ $20. If anyone has this tool and could let me borrow it for half a day, or could meet at the shop, what ever works for you. I just don't want to drop the cash for a tool I will only use once... I know I am being cheap but If someone here has it I might as well ask!

    p.s. does anyone know a shop that sells the tool for cheaper?

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    I try and torque most of the bolts on my car that have a torque spec but honestly, it's too much hassle with the strut shaft nut to do it "right". Heck, even in the official install instructions by Vorshlag, they specifically tell you how to tighten it with an impact.

    If you're looking to save money then I'd just use an impact, and borrow the spring compressor for free from autozone. I've had no issues with mine for the 20k kms I had them in my car
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    Quote Originally Posted by NotBMWrelated View Post
    I do not have the specialty tool though because it costs ~ $20.
    Sorry - I hope some one local can help you, but not being able to afford $20 for a specialty tool?!
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    I tightened my strut nuts with an impact too. It's the best DIY solution IMO.
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    oops meant to reply to john in VA...

    anyways at least now I feel at peace about using an impact, I thought it was going to break my struts or something haha

    Thanks for the replies guys, happy to have joined the club.

    I'll post pictures of my car with the new set up soon!

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    Just seeing this, but I have that strut socket if you still need. But I'm in Irvine.

    Impact should be fine, but if you're weary PM me and we can arrange for you to just drive to Irvine and we'll knock it out.

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