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    Old new guy

    Hello everyone,

    It has been a very long time since I posted anything on the site. Work and life stuff happened and I have been away from the forum for the most part. I joined the ZHP crew some years ago when I first bought a í05 jet black sedan auto with about 90k. I went through a couple of phases with the car. Due to work, I moved to HI for a couple of years and the ZHP followed me. I had a great time driving the car on the islands.

    I was unlucky when my radiator failed on a sunny heavy traffic day. I was able to pull over and shut the car off, but it did overheat. After a tow and some cooling system overhaul, the car ran fine again but started having engine problems with misfires over time. I tried everything I could, but eventually accepted the fact that the head gasket was no longer working and I had compression loss in 2 cylinders. I could not find an engine replacement and a rebuild was overbudget, plus I was getting ready to move back stateside, and shipping a non-running car was also expensive. So, with a heavy heart, I choose to part the car out. I junked the frame and kept some of the parts I could bring back.

    But on a good note, funny how things work. After I had decided to part the car out, I found a Ď05 silvergrau ZHP coupe (auto) being sold by the original owner with 56k and all maintenance records. So, without hesitation I inspected, test drove, and bought the car for a great price. Some of the sedanís parts got transferred to the coupe and it moved back with me from HI to VA.
    The coupe has about 81k now. She sits on Koni FSDs, BBS CH-R wheels, and a combination of supersprint x-pipe/resonator with an Eisenmann exhaust. And a couple more things here and there.

    After over a year of being back stateside, I finally took the time to get the parts out from storage and will be posting them for sale here very soon. ( style 135 wheel set, supersprint exhaust, car cover, AFE CAI, and some more things).

    Thank you for reading along and here are some pics of the ZHPs plus the long trip hauler.

    Have a good one.
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    Welcome back! We are still here and have grown since last you were on the site.

    Nice to be in a ZHP again I bet. And wonderful color
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    +1. Sorry to hear the sedan didnt survive the trip to HI. Your coupe looks sharp. Is that an X5?
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    Good evening there. Yeah, it was a sad day when the sedan was trucked away. And yes, it's an X5M with some mods.

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    Welcome back and sorry to hear about your troubles. Out of curiosity how much is shipping to and from HI? Also I'd imagine there's some pretty great roads there!
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    There were some nice drives for sure, very scenic. Shipping rates depend on the distance and direction. I shipped the coupe to the east coast for around $2300 I believe.

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