Selling an OE alternator with oval plug. The donor 2005 325i had 87,541mi when it was pulled out. Kept as a spare because the one in my car has ~200k on it and I was feeling uneasy about the mileage, but I never needed it. Pulley seems to flow freely without much resistance.

Part #12317519620

Note that ZHPs had 2 different alternators installed with different voltage regulator plugs and RealOEM isn't accurate for alternator part numbers. This is the model with the oval plug. More info here.

These alternators are usually pretty reliable, the one in my car has ~200k on it and no signs of any issues. I had tons of trouble with Bosch units back when my alternator died (I sent 2 back to FCP) but a used OE one did the trick.

Asking $90 shipped.

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