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Thread: Upgrading overall sound while keeping the head unit

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    Upgrading overall sound while keeping the head unit

    A couple of years back you guys mentioned I should change the head unit if I want anything to sound good.

    I have educated myself and technology is changing so I have this questions for those who know more than me:

    Can a line processer like this be used to 'process' the signal from the stock head unit before it is routed to an aftermarket amplifier and speakers ? Do these processor solve the variable impedance from the stock head unit so that everything downstream can be feed at 4 Ohms impedance ?

    This guy never mentions once the impedance settings of the system he is setting up. He talks a whole lot about gain and voltage. Is it the same as adjusting resistance (Impedance) but from the other side of the V=RI formula ?


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    I don't know about the aftermarket solutions and systems, but if you're just looking for bluetooth streaming of music / navigation and handsfree phone integration to your stock head unit, check out the BlueBus (link). I think Ted mentioned recently he's taking orders again.

    This is the more active thread on the m3 forums by the developer (link)

    The sound quality is vastly improved, even over CD quality. Developed by a e46 owner, too.

    Here's the developer's site for purchase info:

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    Its not the same as adjusting gain and power output. The impedance mismatch across speakers that BMW put in our car is perfectly designed to work with the amplifier that is in our trunk and only that one. If you change amplifier, you have to follow the amplifier's recommendation on impedance. If impedance is too high or too low, the amplifier will distort the sound. So matching speaker impedance to amplifier should be your number one concern.

    This unit, as far as I can tell (and I am not an electronic engineer) takes line-level signal (low signal that comes from our headunit) and massages it to improve all frequencies output including the bass, matching all frequencies to the same level BEFORE you pump that to the amp. I think it does not care about impedance.
    But I am talking from basic knowledge.
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