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Thread: 2005 330i ZHP - Silbergrau on Black Leather

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    2005 330i ZHP - Silbergrau on Black Leather

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    Hi All,

    Even though I hate doing this, this is more of a feeler post.
    Would anyone be interested in a 2005 330i zhp with 104K miles? Auto trans.
    I wasn't going to sell the car as I just sold both my coupes, but I found another car I was interested in.

    I have recently put several grand of maintenance into it and the most recent airbag recall completed at BMW a couple weeks ago, and they were surprised at how clean the car was.

    The car is from California, then Vegas and is now with me in New York. The car has no rust. The previous owned was an adult as well (in his 60's).

    It states there was an accident in the front, but the previous owner does not recall (from 2011 I believe). Also, I brought it to a body shop and they could not find evidence of a hit as everything lines up. I did go check out that Red 330I that was on Cars and Bids as it was local. That car had a Tahoe backed into it, and you could tell the bumpers did not line up properly and the hood was a different shade of red.


    Recent Maintenance:
    -Valve Cover Gasket
    -Coil pack
    -NGK Plugs
    -Transmission service (filter and fluid)
    -Driver's side Tie Rod
    -Brake fluid flush
    -Rear suspension - OEM E36 M3 used (upgrade from stock ZHP)
    -Refinished wheels (came out beautiful)
    -Blizzak Snow Tires (255 35 18 and 225 40 18)
    -Sunroof drains blown out
    -Oil filter housing gasket
    -Vanos line
    -Hood struts (both sides)
    -Windshield cowl
    -Oil change
    -Air filter
    -Cabin filter

    I am sure there is more that I am missing. The control arm bushings, and PCV were replaced previously as well.
    I had it serviced at Semaca Auto as I do with all of my cars, and the previous owner had it serviced at BMW of Las Vegas.

    I am contemplating getting both front and rear bumpers resprayed by a very reputable shop that has been around since the 50's.
    The car is essentially immaculate aside from some marks on both of the bumpers, and wanted to get them done because I am OCD and like everything perfect.

    I am thinking $15K with bumpers done, or $13.5K as is. If anyone is interested shoot me a message. If I do not generate much interest from this post, I will just get the bumpers done in a week or two and make an official for sale thread. Wanted to give this forum first shot.

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    Any pics ?
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    150,000 miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Any pics ?
    Yeah, I have some lousy ones. I will take a few this weekend.
    It has been snowing like crazy over here.

    Leather is in great shape, no rips.

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