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Thread: Turn signal problem

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    Turn signal problem

    Hey guys, I have a 05 ZHP and Im having some problems (never not having problems with a e46).

    My turn signals went out the other day. The stalk doesn't work, when I push the emergency flashers nothing comes on (hazard button light blinks though), also pressing the key fob does nothing. Also the passenger mirror no longer tips down in reverse.

    As far as I can tell there is no turn signal relay or fuse. Does anyone know about this problem?


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    It's fine, par for course with our make of cars as people know what to expect

    lol I know that joke's pretty lame but I had to do it
    Sorry I don't actually know
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    My turn signal bulbs burn out every couple of months for some reason. All my other lights last forever. It's probably some common electrical issue or the car trying to tell me that I don't need them. Probably the latter.
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    These cars have turn signals?

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    Lol @ the turn signal jokes.

    Have access to a good scan tool? From my experience, no turn signals/hazards indicate a possible instrument cluster issue. Any other oddities there? Another possibility is the k-can bus. When I installed a new set of seats in my e46, I left a canbus wire uncapped by accident. It periodically grounded out against the seat, leaving my cluster unresponsive.
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    Wasn't there a recall on some taillight wiring several years ago? Maybe inspect the wires going to the bulbs. Check to see if bulbs are working (continuity check with a volt/ or ohm meter).
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    Turn signal problem

    Quote Originally Posted by usinjin View Post
    Lol @ the turn signal jokes.
    I was just thinking blinker fluid was low

    This is what I found googling your issue regarding hazard lights and turn signals:

    There is only one "flasher" that controls the hazards and turn signals, its located under the steering column cover, pretty much right underneath where the turn signal lever goes into the collum. You will have to take off the steering wheel and undo two screws underneath and on top of the covers to remove them to get to the flasher.
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