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Thread: PSA: BimmerBrakes V1 headers are back in stock

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    PSA: BimmerBrakes V1 headers are back in stock

    I hope itís okay to post this here. Just noticed that BimmerBrakes SS M54B25/M54B30 V1 Performance Headers are back in stock at EuroPartsOnline, on sale w/ free shipping. If I understand correctly these fit better than their V3 headers. Been waiting so long (were out of stock for all of last year at least). Nabbed a set, finally will be able to throw the leaking fleaBay headers in the garbage...just have to convince myself to dismantle the exhaust again...for the 6th
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    What's the word on headers anymore these days?

    I've searched through and read through all the old school threads. Just trying to get an idea from anyone that cares to share their experience.

    Leaning towards BB v1 or v3

    On the V1, are they like the rest of the Super Sprint reps where the flanges are a little too wide to mate to the factory cat back? Are they any better than a good set of eBay reps (welds, pipe thickness)?

    On V3, people said they're more friendly for higher power band, others say that they're not actually as good as V1's for torque/lower RPM range.

    Also every video I see with headers it sounds like a loud can of bees. I probably want to weld in a small set of small high flow cats, which means I'd have to cut up my super sprint cat-back. Not crazy about that.

    OP - can you upload some photos of your new V1's ?


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