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Thread: Full HID Kit Options?

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    Full HID Kit Options?

    Because of the neighborhood I'm in and my eyes are not what they used to be, I have decided I want the same HID that I had for my old 328i which were amazing, I don't think any halogen, xenon or LED can compare still.

    Anyone know of the lowest cost HID Kit to replace on my 2003 4dr sedan? I don't need premium quality with all the bells and whistles but something you approve can be used reliably. I'm pretty sure mine are xenon. A link or website would be great, it was confusing last time going through all the different options, I'm no light expert. I would like to replace the whole assembly/bulb/case etc...

    I think I also want to add HID fog lights, mine are pretty useless and getting ugly, and I get fog here about three times a year so... Would rather add more lumens to the road.
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    If you have Xenons, an HID kit isn't going to do anything for you - you already have what you need.
    If you have a problem with light output, then you probably have burnt ZKW projector bowls, which is a problem that has been extensively covered. The cheapest solution that doesn't require modification of your headlights is to buy a set of AL headlights and swap them in. Other options are to retrofit different projectors, which is cheaper but only if you do the work yourself. Paying someone else to do it will be more expensive than a set of ALs.

    To ensure a nice, crisp light output with the ALs, make sure the headlight lenses aren't clouded, and make sure the bulb you're using isn't original to the car (18 years old).

    As for fog lights - you can do HID, but that will likely be blinding to oncoming traffic. There aren't any standard bulb upgrades that will get you any more usable light without blinding others. The best option is to either get HID with projector fog lights (swapping the fog lights out) or something like the Morimoto LED fog lights, which are designed with a nice, sharp LED light that has a good cutoff to prevent blinding other drivers. If you're worried about cost, don't bother doing anything with the fog lights because honestly, they really don't do jack compared to your headlights. A good set of headlights will do just fine for you.
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    I can back the above post as being correct and accurate. I also can personally attest to the Morimoto LED fogs lights, I have them and they are fantastic for their light output and give a more updated look/feel to the front end.
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