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Thread: Richie Rich's ZHP build thread

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    Richie Rich's ZHP build thread

    Hey ZHP family! Richard here from San Diego with a new to me ZHP. She's an '04 manual with black alcantara interior that I found locally on the ZHP facebook group page. It wasn't the color I wanted but hey, a ZHP is a ZHP right? As with all build threads, I will keep the updated with new content and progress as I go. Not sure how long I will be keeping her (I have a tendency to go through cars) but I feel like I will enjoy this car very much!

    The previous owner took good care of her but was wanting to move onto something different (Corvette). He was up front about the oil pan leak (no drips besides when I park on the driveway with the front end pointing down the driveway) and a fuel pump issue. The car seems to bog out in certain RPM ranges and when on the throttle heavily when in high gear but low range of RPM. Scanned the car and it brought up a generic P2240 and P0461 code. P2240 from what I have read might get remedied from the software update, which I plan on taking to the dealership for when I also get the airbag recall done. Hopefully this will address the 4k rpm issue that ZHP owners talk about. The previous owner did the DISA permanent valve upgrade along with the cooling system, which was a huge plus for me. As for the P0461, I am changing out both the fuel pump with the level sending unit (passenger side) and the individual level sending unit (drive side).

    As I post this, I gathered parts and accessories that I have purchased over the last week to install tomorrow. Funny thing is, tomorrow is my birthday and the lady asked what I wanted to do. I asked if I can be left alone in the shop so I can blast my music and work on my car. Birthday wish granted! Though I have never been mechanically inclined growing up, my job for the past 5 years has taught me how to wrench and become a big DIYer. Luckily for me, we are a manufacturing company that happens to have 2 in ground lifts here at work so I can pretty much do most of the work.

    Subscribe to the thread, ask questions and see what I have planned for this ZHP

    • 2004 BMW 330i in Jet Black with black alcantara interior
    • 6-speed manual
    • Options: Performance package, moonroof and xenon headlights
    • Purchased on 04/17/2021 with 107,018 miles

    (More pictures will be added once I take some. Only have this one so far when I brought it home)

    Timeline of events:
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    Congrats, car looks sharp. I bought mine back in 2015, PO was also moving to a Corvette.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    Looks like a good starting point, congrats. I like the black 135s too
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    Congrats on your new ZHP!

    While you have the oil pan off, perhaps consider safety-wiring the oil pump nut.

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    congrats on the new car

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Congrats, car looks sharp. I bought mine back in 2015, PO was also moving to a Corvette.
    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    Looks like a good starting point, congrats. I like the black 135s too
    Quote Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
    congrats on the new car
    Thanks! I definitely haven't had the pleasure of enjoying the car yet since it's been sitting for me to take care some of the issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    Congrats on your new ZHP!

    While you have the oil pan off, perhaps consider safety-wiring the oil pump nut.
    I wish I would have known this before I started putting things back together. I did do some research and it seems like the ZHP had an update to the installation procedure of this nut. Let's hope I get lucky

    In other news, I was able to work on the car this past Saturday. I should have expected family and friends to call me on my birthday which took up about an hour or so of my time, but I was still able to get some things done. Will post an update once my pictures load up on Flickr.

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    Good stuff!

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    Dynavin D99+, Hardwire V1 (w/V1 Connection), BSW Stage 1 Speakers, Kicker Amp/Subwoofer
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    So on my birthday, I was able to be left alone so I could work on the car. The lady wasn't too fond of it, but it was my birthday so she had no other choice but to agree. Besides phone calls from family and friends, it was a quiet day in the shop.

    Here she is on the lift. The buggy you guys see in the background is my boss's toy/prerunner for when he raced offroad. Cool thing about it? It has the S62 engine from his wrecked E39 M5.

    When I first bought the car, it had a pending code P0461 which for "fuel level sensor A circuit range/performance" and P2240 which is for "O2 sensor positive current control circuit/open bank 2 sensor 1". When I bought the car, you can feel it stumble/bog when you were in 6th gear and under 3k rpm range and get on WOT. Once it got past 3k, it was normal. Previous owner said he did everything but the fuel pump and fuel level sending unit. So I replaced those:

    I got the car on the lift and started the oil pan gasket replacement:

    I wish I knew I had to check the oil pump nut, because I would have checked it and probably safety wired it while I was there... But I did not... Maybe I'll get back in there sooner than later to check it and safety wire it.

    We have a pressure washer at work and some good cleaning supplies so I was able to clean up the oil pan pretty well:

    While I was there, I replaced the engine mounts as well:

    The only 2 hiccups I ran into was the vacuum line that came from the fuel filter to the intake boot which ripped off. I called BMW and they wanted $60 for that small vacuum hose... I got lucky and found some laying around in the shop and replaced that. The big hiccup was the bolt that held in the hydraulic tensioner stripped when I was trying to put everything back together... Previous owner replaced all the tensioners and pulley besides that one. I ended up ordering a new one 2 days later once I got into work.

    I got the car back together and dropped her off at the dealership to get the airbag recall done and DME update. Swapping out the fuel pump and fuel level sending unit did not fix my "stumble/bog" issue. I was ale to get an M440i loaner car which is an absolute blast to drive. My full bolt-on and tuned F30 335i was very comparable to this stock G22 M440i.

    Irrelevant picture, but we had a beautiful sunset the day I left the shop after working on the car. Beautiful ride home in San Diego:

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    Awesome update, and that's a helluva shop you have access to.... wow.

    Could the stumble / hesitation be from VANOS? From Beisan Systems (link):

    "What are the symptoms of a failing vanos?
    Overall loss of torque and power, particularly in the lower RPM range, < 3k. Bogging then surging at 3k RPM. Uneven power distribution and RPM transition. Engine hesitations in the lower RPM range, < 3k. Louder idle and intermittent idle RPM hiccups. Difficult takeoffs. Loss of power and bogging when AC on. Increased fuel consumption."

    Got any more photos of that prerunner?

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    That is one sweet shop and truck! Also nice front sway bar, Hotchkis being hollow saves weight over the solid options
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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