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    Two small dings in rear bumper

    Hey Guys,

    I am struggling on what to do. I took the car out the other night and when I came back I had two vertical dings about the size of my thumb nail. Does anyone know if something could be done with paintless dent removal? The car doesn't have any other blemishes and is 100% original.. If PDR can't fix it would you guys bother getting it painted? I feel having it painted would make things worse.
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    Bummer, sorry to hear the news. I don't think PDR can be used on plastic pieces. If it was me, I would likely leave it as is. I prefer to have original paint all around even if that includes some blemishes.
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    That is my feeling as well.. Unless I can find a coupe or convertible bumper in the same color in perfect shape I'm not going to mess with it

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