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Thread: NEWB! Just picked up an '05 Vert in SGM on black!

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    NEWB! Just picked up an '05 Vert in SGM on black!

    Hi All,
    New member here! Just picked up a pretty much stock 2005 330Ci ZHP Convertible for $6800. And yes, it's an auto.. drool away.

    She shows really well for her age. Convertible top looks to be in great condition. Interior in great condition for it's age. While it needs a refresh (leather conditioning and plastic bits reconditioned), doesn't look like she was abused in her life. Very clean. Clean carfax too.. for what it's worth.

    Production Date: December 20, 2004
    Options/Packages: ZHP, Bluetooth, MKIV Nav, Black Cube

    4 previous owners:
    Owner 1: 2005-2008 (0 - 43,000 miles) - Virginia - Personal Lease
    Owner 2: 2008 - 2013 (43,000 - 114,000 miles) - Virginia - Personal Vehicle
    Owner 3: 2013 - 2016 (114,000 - 152,000 miles) - North Carolina - Personal Vehicle
    Owner 4: 2016 -2021 (152,000 miles - 169,000 miles) - South Carolina - Personal Vehicle
    Me: Owner 5 - 2021

    I had been looking for a vert to swap in to the fleet and I came across this lovely ZHP not far away and it seemed like a really great find. In fact, I think I saw that another newish member had gone to see it and did a PPI and the owners did a lot of work to fix the items found on the PPI, however, I guess he/she decided it wasn't right for them. So I picked it up!

    I add this lovely E46 to a long list of cars I've owned over the years and my 8th BMW over the course of my life. I really like to work on cars myself and will do as much of the work as possible, assuming I can find it in the Bentley manual or a DIY online. The longest service I've had with a BMW was my 2000 E38 740iL, which I had for 12 years and did 99% of the work on it over those years (only went to the shop for tires and near the middle of my tenure to diagnose a rod knock). That rod knock required a replacement engine and it took me 3 months to replace it in my garage. Fun stuff. I just sold my 2015 M6 and now will have some fun in the ZHP! Decided on an auto since my wife may drive it occasionally as a backup car and I can always take my truck out, which is MT, to get my stickshift needs satisfied.

    Initial plans:
    - Bluetooth - Thinking about the BlueBus, but with shipping delays until June, will prob get a 3.5mm plug in BT for the time being.
    -2nd key (anyone have a dealership close that has good prices on replacement diamond keys? I know any of them can order them, but it's odd that there can be such a wide swing of pricing for a key)
    -Sprint Booster (anyone know if a SB v3 from another car - assuming the pedal plug is the same - will work correctly? I have one from my previous '11 535i)
    -Antenna shorty and base (the whip and old base had separation anxiety )
    -Leather repair (the interior condition is pretty nice actually, but being a vert means the sun will wreck it every day it's out)
    -Rear floor mats
    -PA Soft coding
    -Electric fan (mech fan delete)
    -V1 hardwire (possibly with remote display or StealthOne)
    -Maybe paddle shifters since it's an autobox.
    -Tint (35%)

    I don't have any verifiable records, but here is what the PO gave me.
    - New Headliner Installed
    - Tie Rod Extension replaced and Alignment done
    - New Michelin Tires Installed. Almost no wear on tires.
    - Water Pump and Serpentine Belt replaced
    - A/C Compressor & Filter replaced
    - Radiator & Thermostat replaced
    - Spark Plugs replaced
    - Tune-up (fuel filter, air filter & cabin filter replaced)
    - Rims stripped and powder coated
    - CCV and hoses replaced
    - New lug nuts
    - New Bilstein Front Struts, washers, dust sleeves, bump stops and strut mounts
    - New Bilstein Rear Struts
    - New Control Arm Thrust Bushings
    - New Battery
    - Alignment
    - Recent oil change

    So without further ado.. here are some pics from the previous owner's listing (I didn't have time to get pics over the weekend as we were traveling home from picking it up)

    Name:  FTT3EQv.jpg
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    Welcome! Sparkling Graphite Metallic is one of my favorite ZHP colors.

    You'll also find there are endless guides for basically any repair job on an E46, so you're in luck.

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    Congrats, sir. Car looks sharp. That was a good find.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    152,000 miles

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    Thanks guys! It's great to be here.

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    "And yes, it's an auto.. drool away"

    Congrats on the ZHP. Nice color combo but forgive me if I don't drool over it

    Enjoy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    but forgive me if I don't drool over it
    lol, yeah, I figured I'd catch flack over getting a ZHP with a failbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglecomm View Post
    lol, yeah, I figured I'd catch flack over getting a ZHP with a failbox.
    no flack...

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    All good in this hood!
    Man those cars age well!
    My dealership in KY charged me ~100$ 11 years ago when I got my 2005. Not sure how much a second coded key goes for now days.
    325i, 2005, 5MT, Silvergrey, leatherette, Sport package; CDV delete, KONI STR-T & KYB Excel-G, Weisslichts, Stewart H2O pump

    328i, 2010, 6MT, Spacegrey, dakota leather, M-sport packages; has a 330 intake but no tune - yet][IMG]

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    Thanks! I found a key on bmwminiparts for $170 so that is the lowest so far. Iíll keep looking, knowing the ceiling is $170.

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    A slightly belated welcome and congrats!

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    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

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