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Thread: I've had my ZHP for 10 years!

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    I've had my ZHP for 10 years!

    Hello, Mafiosi!

    I bought my 2004 330Ci ZHP on 1/29/2011 with 61595 miles. Now I have about 112,500 miles +/-. No major problems other than little stuff: HVAC blower motor, starter, cooling system (water pump twice).

    I bought it to replace the E36 M3 I totaled and I have been happy with it, although I probably should have bought a 4 door so that friends and family would have an easier time getting in and out of the rear seats. However, it has been a faithful companion and I have few complaints, other than oil leaks I can't seem to keep up with. I added a C55 to my stable briefly, but, despite the huge performance, I did not like the myriad electrical gremlins and silly doodads like rear window blind (failed), steering column adjuster (failed), sensors (failed) etc. and it leaked oil much more than any other car I have had. I sold it on BaT after less than a year and kept motoring on with the ZHP as my daily driver.
    I have looked at other cars for a potential replacement, but I'm sticking with the ZHP

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    Belated congratulations on the 10 year anniversary! I just clocked past six years on March 25th.

    It seems common that people want more power from our cars, but when they find it in another car, they miss the handling and the overall greater-than-the-sum-of-the-parts experience of the ZHP. I hear you on the four door utility that we miss out on coupe owners, but I personally and biased-ly believe that the facelifted ZHP coupe is the best looking iteration of the E46 (with a M-Tech II wagon a close second). Form > function all day, my good sir.

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    Welcome, man. You will love this forum. I'm currently on year #6 of ownership, no plans to sell.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    152,000 miles

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Welcome, man. You will love this forum. I'm currently on year #6 of ownership, no plans to sell.

    I'm going on 11 months of ownership with my ZHP

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    Year #6 for me as of April 7th! No plans on selling but god forbid I get into another accident, at my mileage insurance will want to total my car and give me a super low evaluation, which I've had to fight twice (and luckily won) so far

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    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Happy car-a-versary!

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    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

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    Happy 10 years to you and your car. Mine is on year 11 and bought it just shy of 60K miles, now at 123K I think (I don't drive much).
    Kept it in the family and gave it to my son who now has a garage for it so this is a relief after about 3 years in the rain and snow.
    I hope to do some nice paint protection on it with him this summer.
    325i, 2005, 5MT, Silvergrey, leatherette, Sport package; CDV delete, KONI STR-T & KYB Excel-G, Weisslichts, Stewart H2O pump

    328i, 2010, 6MT, Spacegrey, dakota leather, M-sport packages; has a 330 intake but no tune - yet][IMG]

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    Have mine for 4 years now and 56k miles later. The car is 16 years old. It needs a new paint job on the hood which the clear coat seems to oxidized above the area of the actual engine.

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