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Thread: FS: 1 of 3 Oxford Green/SB sedans Manual

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    FS: 1 of 3 Oxford Green/SB sedans Manual

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    Hello everyone. The time has come to list my super rare ZHP sedan. The wife will be going back to work in September and I got my clubman prior to us having our second little monster. So if I’m gonna be on dad duty FT I’m gonna need to upgrade to a bigger wagon.

    I purchased this car from an E46fanatics member just outside of Philly in July of 2017. This car is one of 3 in oxford green metallic (code 430) with beige leather and a 6-speed. However, I have to believe its the only one with the 2-tone black/ beige interior (basically what NB has but with more contrast). The VIN is WBAEV53434KM07188.

    It had 155k miles on the ODO when i picked up. It currently has 164K. As wonderful or a car it is to drive I don’t think I e had the full”zhp experience” that so many others have. Need alot more than just 9kmiles.

    I’ve done my best to record and document all of work. I’ll be including a binder of maintenance records going back to definitely the second owner, maybe even the first. I’ve only had it for a short while but I’ve definitely put a good amount of work and money into it. Here’s a rundown. Forgive me for the length- I’m trying to be as detailed as I can.


    Mechanicals: On a well-maintained M54, 164k is just a number. The car runs like a gem. Starts up and runs strong. Gearbox feels solid. Smooth power delivery. Honestly I don’t know what else I can say. Engine is not modified. I ran an OEM performance intake for a short while but that’s it. Engine has never been beaten on and car has not been tracked to my knowledge. Engine is always warmed up before driving (father has been pressing that into me since i was a kid and jalopnik had a really good article about that a while back)

    Exterior: The front end could use a respray. A lot of road rash on bumper and hood. Passenger fender is pretty good considering the mileage, drivers fender has some scratches. Drivers side from front door back is excellent. Rear bumper was repainted in 2020 after clear coat was coming off. Trunk looks great, save for spot where a screw for the license plate holder was rubbing up against the paint, but it gets covered by the plate. Passenger side got “kissed” in a parking lot. Small marks on the rear door and fender. The PO used dr color chip in a few spots and I picked up a newer kit last year to touch a few things up. I didn’t do much as I didn’t want to make something look worse. Kit is included if you want to give it a tray. Roof looks like green glass. Few small dents could probably get taken care of by PDR.

    Interior: Rear seats and door panels look like they just got fitted. Front seats are as you’d expect with 16+ year old montana leather. Driver side is actually better then you would typically see at this age because when I did the heated seat retrofit I put on a seat cover that came from a passenger side seat so it has less wear than the drivers side seat I picked up. A little extra work but worth it.

    As recommended by my pre-purchase inspection- Oil Filter Housing gasket, Vanos line, valve cover gasket, rear drivers side window regulator
    Total cooling system overhaul with OEM parts (done this May/June 2019)
    oil changes done yearly (7/17, 8/18, 10/19, 10/20) always with LiquiMoly
    Rear subframe and shock tower reinforcement
    Strut tower reinforcement
    New Brake Rotors and Pads from FCP (not installed but including in the sale- it was going to be my next project to tackle)
    New Battery (10/20)

    Lighting- my wife is astonished at how a 2004 car can have better lighting than her 2018 CRV.
    ZKW headlights replaced with AL headlights, ZKW-r lenses and CBI bulbs
    Led fog lights
    Umnitza angel eyes

    M3 Side mirrors (Originals included and swap is very easy)
    Gloss black grills

    Custom Leather wrapped steering wheel with green stitching
    Custom shift and E-brake boots to match wheel
    Heated seats retrofitted
    Two tone black and beige interior including door cards, black carpet and center console
    Sprint Booster V2 hardwired into OEM M3 sport button
    Dynavin N7 head unit with nav and apple carplay (unfortunately only works on older phones but new ones still connect to head unit, original head unit included)

    Koni FSD Shocks
    New Control arms and bushings (Lemforder if i remember correctly)

    18 x 8.5 Apex wheels powder coated in prismatic gold (set of 5- full size spare)
    Brand new continental tires 235s all around- have only a couple of hundred miles on them.
    The spare has a Michelin on it- totally forgot to swap it out. I have 2 other Michelin’s I can add, that way if you ever get stuck and need to use the spare you can at least have either both fronts or backs match.

    Title is in hand. Car is located in Katonah,NY. If buyer needs transporting and covers cost I’ll certainly help facilitate it to get to where it’s going as best as I can.


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    FS: 1 of 3 Oxford Green/SB sedans Manual

    Edit 1- interior pics

    ***For anyone new to E46s, please do not let your eyes be fooled. This is NOT Natural brown- this is Sand Beige done in the same interior format as Natural Brown. I'm adding this disclaimer because when I was looking for pics I had a hard time figuring out what was what. I also had vendors try to sell me NB door cards trying to pass them off as SB.***
    Carpet has been replaced with black, door card were custom made and all black trim around doors and lower part of seats have been replaced with black.

    Edit 2- engine bay and trunk pics

    And letís face it, I can post a millions pics and have tons of maintenance records but I know what you all want to know....

    Whether or not it comes with the full tool kit. Yes it does.

    Edit 3- underside pics

    Diff- rear of car facing forward


    Drivers side facing forward- Control arm in the lower left hand corner

    Edit 4- pics of service records

    Below are pics of all service records while car was in my possession.

    Other notable services preformed:
    Brake fluid- 146k
    Fuel pump- 138k
    Brake pads/rotors- 117k (new parts included)
    Subframe reinforcement- 88k
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    Any interior pics?

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    Beauty. GLWS.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    152,000 miles

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    Oh wow, that has to be may absolute favorite combo short of an Individual. Too bad I'm not in the market for a car right now, otherwise I'd be all over this. Hope this goes to a good home.
    330i Base | Mysticblau | Slicktop | 6MT

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    Quote Originally Posted by nozhp4u View Post
    Any interior pics?

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    Pics added! Forgot to include that the car come with black and tan cocomats- i mean c'mon, are there better mats to be had?

    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    Nice car! GLWS
    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Beauty. GLWS.
    Quote Originally Posted by Galapolis View Post
    Oh wow, that has to be may absolute favorite combo short of an Individual. Too bad I'm not in the market for a car right now, otherwise I'd be all over this. Hope this goes to a good home.
    Many thanks for the compliments guys! I feel bad I haven't shared as many photos as others on here have. And yes I hope it goes to someone who is going to love it as I have. The gentleman I purchased it from replaced it with a Giulia when they first came out but I could tell as I shook his hand he was going to miss it as much as I will.

    Also forgot to mention I had a new windshield put in through safelight about a month ago. Original developed a crack on the passenger side that spread far enough that I needed it replaced before it would pass inspection. I had it outside for a couple of rains and there is absolutely no moisture inside.

    I'll grab some pics of engine bay and trunk today as well.

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    Beautiful car, how’s the undercarriage look?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeybananaz18 View Post
    Seeing those twigs and leaves in the drainage areas is killing me right now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrKy3 View Post
    Beautiful car, how’s the undercarriage look?
    I remember there being some surface rust on the rear trailing arms but i don't remember if it was anywhere else. I'll get under there tomorrow.

    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    Seeing those twigs and leaves in the drainage areas is killing me right now....
    Yes I am quite embarrassed. all my detailing was being done in between nap times and wife's zoom calls so it all got done in small stages. totally missed getting up in there.

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