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    Preventive maintenance @ 74 miles

    Ok guys, I bought a 2005 zhp auto transmission with 73k miles on it in mint condition, everything in working order but I do need to replace one of the brake sensors. I would like to do a full preventive maintenance and I would like to see if I'm missing something. I already own a e92 m3 with 49k miles and love it but been wanting a zhp since I saw one for the first time back in 2005. I also used to have an e36 m3.

    So back to the question, I was thinking about
    Cooling system rebuild kit from fcp that cost about $600, should I replace the radiator also?
    Flush brakes
    Air and cabin filter
    Spark plugs
    Maybe flush the power steering?????
    Rear differential oil
    Fuel filter
    Should I replace coils packs?

    I mean, I would like to replace whatever is need it, mainly due to age. I don't want to waste money but I'm willing to replace whatever is necessary to keep it as reliable as possible.

    The car got an oil change the day I picked it up, last Tuesday but im changing it anyways.

    Planning on reinforcing the weak areas for the shock and struts mounts just to be safe as well although I don't plan to abuse the car, lol, I don't even drive hard the M3.

    If there is something else or any other suggestions, please let me know. I'm very open for suggestions.

    2002 325i black auto
    2005 330ci ZHP Alpine White auto
    2011 e92 M3 Alpine White 6 speed

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    The factory suspension is probably dead by now. The Sachs shocks didn't last more than about 50k miles.

    Some good reading on options here for OEM / OEM+ replacements:

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    He has two threads going on the same topic.
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