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    REF's first project car, black slicktop sedan

    Starting this thread to document the work I'm going to do on my ZHP. It's my second ever car and my first ever manual, and I plan to do all the work myself (hopefully), so a first for me as well. Been doing a lot of reading and building up the garage with tools. Located in North NJ

    Some info on the car:

    2004 330I
    6 speed
    Black Sapphire Metallic
    Light Beige interior with black cube trim
    Slick top
    No heated seats
    No rear folding seats
    Harmon Kardon
    2 owners, (1st one to 30k miles, 2nd one had til 192k miles)
    192k miles currently
    As far as i've seen completely stock

    Some pics:

    Bought it in May, things done so far:

    -changed the oil same day with Castrol 5W-30 (going to try the liquimoly Leichtlauf 5w40 next time)
    -replaced battery (had cranking issues, went away with new battery)
    -new air filter (had a K&N oil filter, replaced with standard paper)
    -new cabin air filter
    -worn rear trunk emblem replaced
    -both rear window regulators, they were original and failed (vapor barrier was untouched)
    -purge valve replaced
    -gas cap seal replaced
    -both front rims straightened and balanced
    -rear rims balanced

    Took it to a mechanic to have it looked at (Rennsport Motorworks), said he didnt find anything glaring and noted the car was in good shape for the mileage, save a few things

    Current known issues:
    -CCV issue (has -16 measured crankcase pressure), getting lean codes,
    -vacuum leak, (this might be fixed, replaced purge valve, then got different leak code, replaced gas cap seal, different leak code, then just had a shop smoke test it and found a leak on one of the purge valve hoses, mechanic threw in a new o-ring, going to run the car to see if the code comes back)
    -Oil filter housing gasket leak
    -Shocks/struts and the associated bump stops feel worn
    -cracked differential bushing
    -cracked filter housing for evap system? (according to mechanic, dont know what part that is, he called it a vapor canister filter)
    -condensation in passenger side turn signal
    -chips in windshield
    -messed up tint baked into rear windshield (REALLY hope this isnt a pain to remove, tint guy started laughing nervously when he saw it )

    Planned work and upgrades:

    Right around the corner
    -fluids (transmission, differential, power steering, brakes)
    -cooling system (purchased oem for most parts, aluminum rein water pulley, CSF OE Plus Radiator)
    -M56 valve cover swap (was going to go GAS CCV but who knows when thats out, and I didnt know this existed, might as well do this instead of replace the CCV)
    -Koni Special Active Shocks/Struts (bought them already, bimmerworld had a sale) Should I do control arms with these too? I hear a knock somethings when turning the steering wheel a lot on the front left wheel area

    -engine bay cleanup
    -differential bushing
    -fix condensating turn signal
    -windshield replacement
    -square rims/tires setup, drooling over the bimmerworld Ta5r currently, thinking of going 17s for the potholes in NJ
    -fixing rock chips in hood to prevent them rusting
    -fixing deep scratches on right fender (messed up a garage entry by dumping clutch too quickly while learning manual like a week into owning the car, looks like its either at primer or bare metal)
    -Steering wheel leather wrap
    -Other cosmetic detailing stuff

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    That’s a good plan. I refreshed the suspension last year. I considered Koni SA but decided to stay with Sachs. You can see the list of parts here:

    I replaced both front turn signals shortly after buying my car due to condensation.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    153,000 miles

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    Nice list of parts! If you're gonna do the aluminium water pump pulley, you might as well do the ps pulley as well. I have both in aluminium from Uro.

    Also yeah you'll love the 17s. I have them in a square setup and it's so nice - better ride quality, cheaper tires, ability to rotate tires, etc.
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Looks like a good base to start with and rock solid plan! Car looks great!

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    Slicktop solid rear seat sedan is the primo chassis. Keep this thing forever and definitely get it out to an autox once you sort out the ccv and suspension issues.

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    Congrats. Looks like you got a good one. Keep an eye on that coolant expansion tank (or simply replace it for piece of mind).

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    Excellent! Git er done!

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    Thanks everyone,

    Have a crap ton of parts taking space in my apartment:

    Koni Active Shocks/Struts
    Full Cooling system and Pulleys/Belts
    GAS Disa rebuild kit and coolant cap
    Fuel Pump, level sensor, and filter (car is having gas tank issues, shows empty when its half full, figure I just replace them all since I dont know when it was done)
    Voltage Regulator
    Oil filter housing gasket replacement kit
    Power steering reservoir and hoses

    Also replaced the windshield cowl the other day, makes a huge difference in the appearance of the car now.

    Im thinking of doing the full cooling system and oil filter housing gasket, (as well as trans/diff fluids) this weekend. Never done this kind of thing before so a bit nervous, I'm just hoping I can finish it in 2 days. I dont use my car to commute so its not the worst thing if its out of service for awhile.

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    Nice progress! I'm about 30 minutes away in Mountain Lakes, NJ, fixing up my own ZHP. Next up for me is replacing the oil pan gasket, securing the oil pump nut and welding in front subframe reinforcements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MINIz guy View Post
    welding in front subframe reinforcements!
    This one isn't too common, is there something wrong with yours?

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    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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