Materials to Maintain Your ZHP IIIII Hand Protection IIIII Tools to Maintain Your ZHP
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    Mistakes are painful, but they can be the best way to learn if you adopt that mindset, so good job on taking on this challenge.
    I also bought my zhp kinda beat up for 5k and did all the work myself; most of the things I had never done before either.

    A piece of advice: since you are probably going to touch every piece of the engine while you are doing this project, itís good to get in the habit of cleaning every component you work on. Youíre probably already doing this, but just my 2 cents. I learned this from my cousin who was big on cars for a while and I feel it gives me peace of mind that parts are going back in cleaner than when they came out.

    Also, definitely find somewhere to hose off the underpan, because when it comes time to do the oil pan gasket, you will wanna get the oil pain REAL clean before putting it back on.

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    Replaced the left strut tower I broke and installed both front struts in the car. Morale restored !

    The precision instruments torque wrench is fantastic. Super easy to adjust (itís just a small knob no screw, and doesnít get harder as you increase torque), donít have to set back to zero when done, and very nice audible tactile click. Torqued the top nuts to 25 foot pounds and the pinch bolts to 60 foot pounds.

    Going to have some dinner and figure out what Iím going to tackle tomorrow.

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    Removed the power steering lines and drained all the old fluid. Was going to remove the control arms but for some reason I dont have an 18mm wrench and it's tough to get a socket on the nut so I ordered a wrench.

    Back when I had a PPI the mechanic mentioned that my "evap filter" was cracked and should be replaced. He mentioned its sometimes called a cannister filter. I found out what it was and found it on the car, it's under the rear right wheel well you have to remove a panel to see it.

    I didn't see any "cracks", although I didn't fully remove the panels surrounding it because they were falling apart, but I did see that one of the hoses was broken looking. Here are some photos:

    Anyone know the purpose of this cannister filter? And how would I replace that hose and what is it going to?

    I also removed one of the boots on the steering rack to look at it. It looked pretty clean/dry in there other than a bunch of grease on the rack. I think that's a good sign but posting here to make sure it's not a potential problem, the oily stuff on the boot I'm 99% sure is from my OFHG/OPG leaks, the whole bottom of the car is covered in oil/sludge

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