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Thread: Traction Control Quirk

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    Traction Control Quirk

    I found out when looking around online that holding down the dsc button for 10-15 seconds. Both the wheel spin light and the yellow e brake light come on over time, but then both lights turn off. After that, no matter how much or long you press the dsc button, the lights never come back on. Looked for where I read it from, and I can’t find it now. Looked in the owner’s manual, and it said specifically not to hold dsc for more than ten seconds. Does it turn off traction control until you turn the car off then start it again and just hides the lights, or does it do something else?

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    Holding the button down for 3 seconds disables traction control and stability control. A single press I believe only disables traction control but keeps stability control turned on.

    Disabled traction = center yellow traction control light solidly lit

    Disabled traction and stability control = center traction and yellow BRAKE lights solidly lit simultaneously

    Pressing the DSC button once after turning anything off will re-enable the system completely. Restarting the car will also re-enable the system completely.

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    That’s what I thought and the way my pre facelift works. Have not tried on the ZHP yet.

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