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Thread: FS 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Sedan Mystic Blue

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    FS 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Sedan Mystic Blue

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2005 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2006 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2003 BMW 330i ZHP Mystic Blue Alcantara Interior with Black Cube Trim $18,000 OBO

    - Manual transmission
    - 151,910 miles
    - Original owner
    - No accidents
    - No sunroof
    - Euro delivery in Munich on 4/17/2003, Euro license plate, first aid kit, and warning triangle included
    - Clear title in hand
    - VIN WBAEV53443KM03603

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    Factory options

    - ZHP Performance Package with black cube trim
    - Fold Down rear seats
    - Xenon headlights (AL bi-xenon so no reflector problems)

    Many more photos here - 2003 BMW 330i ZHP
    Carfax - CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2003 BMW 330I_ WBAEV53443KM03603.pdf
    Maintenance and repair summary - 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Maint Record

    I ordered the car early in 2003, shortly after the ZHP package was announced for Euro delivery in April of 2003. I think I actually picked the car up at the factory before any ZHP package cars were delivered in the U.S. I initially leased the car since BMW had an excellent lease deal at the time. When the lease ran out, I paid off the balance since I loved the car. That is why the Carfax shows 2 owners. It's been a great car for us, but we just aren't driving it any more since we bought a new car a couple of years ago, so it's time to let it go.

    The car has been very well cared for over the years, drives like new or a bit better, has an excellent interior and a very good exterior. I'm the original owner, it's never been in an accident, it's a Euro delivery car with the original Euro delivery items of warning triangle, first aid kit, and license plate. It also doesn't have a sunroof which provides extra headroom and a slightly lower center of gravity. The car has been garaged since new, first in the Los Angeles area, where we lived until September 2007 and since then in Colorado where we moved. There is no rust on the body and only a small amount of surface rust on the exhaust and a few of the bits on the underside of the car. It currently has a square wheel and tire setup with 18" x 9" wheels and 255/35-18 tires all around. The original ZHP 135 wheels are also included with an extra front and rear wheel for a total of 3 fronts and 3 rears; deduct $1,000 from the price if you don't want these. A fitted car cover will be included along with a few smaller bits and pieces that I've picked up over the years.

    It was maintained per BMW factory recommendations during the warranty period and Mike Miller's "Old School BMW Maintenance Schedule" since. Full maintenance and repair records since new except for a couple of missing receipts when the car was still under warranty. Factory and OEM parts generally used except for select upgrades like a Stewart water pump, Dr. Vanos upgrade, and GAS DISA upgrade. I believe in preventative maintenance, so many of the common problem areas like the cooling system, VANOS, and the CCV system were replaced before they had a chance to fail. All maintenance is up to date except for a brake fluid change which was due on 7/16/21. All mechanicals are in good shape and the car is solid; ready to be driven across the country if desired. There are no rattles or squeaks, doors close with authority like new, and everything works properly.

    The paint is original and generally in very good shape with the exception of the nose which shows wear and tear due to miles and a few parking curb encounters over the years. It looks good at 10 feet, but as you get closer the flaws become apparent. The front grill insert has a couple of small breaks in it, probably due to road debris; it's not noticeable unless you're looking for it. The rear bumper has a couple of scratches on it due to resting against a garage door one time when the door was opened. There is also one small ding, about 1/8" in diameter, just behind the passenger rear door; no idea what caused it.

    Modifications from stock

    - BMW factory wheel locks purchased and installed at the factory in Munich (original lug nuts and both lug nut keys provided) 4/17/03
    - BMW M3 front strut bar installed first month of ownership in the US about 6/20/03 and 3,000 miles
    - Zeckhausen clutch delay valve bypass installed (original valve included) 6/24/09 56,761
    - Rogue Engineering Power Pulleys - 6/9/11 79,000
    - Square setup of wheels and tires using ASA GT5 18" x 9" wheels with 255/35R18 Michelin Pilot PSS all around, a brand new spare ASA GT5 wheel included, also the original set of BMW 135 wheels plus an extra front and an extra rear BMW 135 wheel included

    Some of the more significant/typical maintenance and repair items, standard maintenance and minor repairs excluded

    - DME reprogrammed by BMW in NJ for 4k torque dip 4/21/07 41,837
    - Rear tail light wiring fixed per service bulletin 9/19/08 53,157
    - Power steering return line 3/24/09 55,379
    - Power steering pressure hose 03/23/10 65,509
    - Rear subframe checked per recall and found to be okay 09/28/10 70,902
    - Cooling system renewal, water pump replaced with Stewart water pump, new radiator hoses, temperature switch, thermostat, idler pulleys, belts, and belt tensioners 6/9/11 79,000
    - Rear trailing arm bushings 8/30/13 99,443
    - Rest of cooling system replaced, radiator, expansion tank and cap, and coolant level sensor 12/17/13 102,108
    - Dr. Vanos dual VANOS unit installed and VANOS oil line replaced 12/17/13 102,108
    - GAS DISA repair and upgrade kit installed 12/17/13 102,108
    - New upper and lower intake boots installed 12/17/13 102,108
    - CCV system replaced with cold weather version 12/17/13 102,108
    - Valve cover gasket replaced 12/17/13 102,108
    - Oil filter housing gasket to block replaced 12/17/13 102,108
    - Starter replaced 02/19/14 103,199
    - Renew suspension with complete ZHP suspension kit, struts, shocks, control arms, bump stops, swaybar, and swaybar bushings 7/19/14 106,228
    - Meyle HD rear shock mounts, Z3 rear shock tower reinforcement plates, front spring pads, strut bearings, BMW front upper strut mount reinforcements, Meyle HD control arm bushings, Meyle HD swaybar end links 7/19/14 106,228
    - New steering tie rods and boots, both sides 7/19/14 106,228
    - GM5 control module repaired by 7/6/15 122,383
    - Oil filter housing gasket to block replaced 12/10/16 138,609
    - New ignition switch 12/03/17 143,694
    - New power brake booster 12/12/17 143,948
    - New battery 10/25/19 151,377
    - New windshield washer pump 4/10/20 151,403
    - New fog lights 5/9/21 151,764
    - New shift knob 5/10/21 151,764
    - New hood emblem 5/12/21 151,764
    - Driver's door keylock repaired 5/14/21 151,764
    - New windshield 8/24/21 151,797

    See the link above under Maintenance and repair summary for all work done on the car since new.
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    Excellent! GLWS

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    New photos added - PHOTOS

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    Great looking ZHP. GLWS!
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    Wonderful - and at that price. What comes close and as solid.. for near $20k US?... nadda.

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    Any interest in trading for a sapphire black @92,000 similar maintenance list as yours. Please dm if interested

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    I'm frankly shocked that this car hasn't been lapped up by an enthusiast .. Meticulous ownership, desirable spec, extra set of wheels and above all a stand up guy who knows e46's inside and out.

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    I think it would have sold already if I were still in SoCal. Not so many people are interested in RWD cars here in snow country. Actually, if I had a firm sale, I'd be willing to drive the car to SoCal or anywhere in between Colorado and there. I often have to go to SoCal on business, so it would take the place of flying one time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Early11fan View Post
    I'm frankly shocked that this car hasn't been lapped up by an enthusiast .. Meticulous ownership, desirable spec, extra set of wheels and above all a stand up guy who knows e46's inside and out.
    Makes me regret not waiting and buying my sapphire black one lol

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