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Thread: FS 2003 BMW 330i ZHP Sedan Mystic Blue

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWCurves View Post
    Congrats on the pick up, looks great next to the Porsche!

    Does GregD have a build thread? I'd love to see what has already been done.
    No build thread since I didn't really build it. Other than the M3 strut bar, I mostly just replaced stock parts with upgraded parts, where available, when the stock parts were due for replacement. The only significant change I made was go to a square wheel and tire setup with 18" x 9" wheels and 255/35R18 tires all around. This eliminated the corner entry understeer, provided more overall grip, and noticeably improved the cars responsiveness to changes in direction. It also allowed for rotating the tires front to rear to even out the tire wear.

    Here's are some of the upgraded parts I installed as it came time to replace stock parts. Most of these changes were primarily to improve reliability. I really liked the car stock and there was little I wanted to change.

    Stewart water pump
    Rogue Engineering power pulleys (primarily to get rid of the stock plastic pulleys, any power difference was below my threshold for noticing it)
    Dr. Vanos vanos kit
    GAS DISA upgrade
    Install cold weather CCV system
    Meyle front control arm bushings
    Meyle swaybar end links
    Meyle rear trailing arm bushings with limiters
    Meyle rear upper shock mounts
    Z3 rear shock tower reinforcement plates
    BMW front upper strut mount reinforcements

    Just remembered one other "mod" that I did. I replaced the clutch delay valve with a Zeckhausen one that eliminates the restrictor. The stock clutch drove me nuts with its built in slip. The clutch on my car is the original at 152k and feels perfect; I think part of the reason for this is the elimination of the CDV restriction.
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    I'm selling the summer and winter sets of wheels and tires that I used on the car.

    Summer -
    Winter -

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