Hello all. I love the passion exuded here and all the info shared. I am in the market for a unicorn ZHP.
Must haves

-sub-60 to 75k mile, accident free and rust free examples only
-sedan preferred over coupe.
-6 speed manual
-Colors: Imola red, alpine white or any shade of blue
-Decent maintenance history
-Condition would have to be very good to excellent

Have the perfect trifecta: 1. Willing to pay top dollar for the right car. 2. I have the funds. 3. Wife has given me permission.
If you have one that you are looking for a good long term home and if you are on the fence .. here is your chance to consider.
I can sign a waiver that it is not meant to be flipped. If my circumstances ever change I will also be willing to sign an agreement to sell the car back to you at the same price (with same or better car condition) or a lower one if market value somehow declines.
I am a serious buyer that can act on it immediately.

Thanks a bunch