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Thread: WTB: Unicorn ZHP

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    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2005 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2006 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    15K ship has sailed long time ago on these cars ... I'm late to the party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Early11fan View Post
    15K ship has sailed long time ago on these cars ... I'm late to the party.
    Yeah I would think that's more along the lines of $25K-30K easy in this market.
    That is probably one of the nicer one's you will find, and the most desirable combo.
    Current - 2006 330Cic ZHP Titanium Silver w/ matching hardtop 80K miles - 6 speed, 2005 Volvo S60R - Passion Red, Looking for a Manual Imola Sedan

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    It truly is a good time to be a seller. Unfortunate for buyers though. It was already hard to get in one of these under 60K miles and now it is becoming even more so. Only person who would see this as the time to buy would be someone who’s shopping with a blank check book. The market is what it is and no point in price speculating. I am hoping there is a seller out there who bought these cars for a bargain, subsequently has enjoyed the car enough that they are willing to send it along to a good custodian who will enjoying the car as it should be and in return they get some of the good karma when they shop for their next car.

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    Deal on an imola red sedan w/ alcantara package fell short narrowly .. Now turning my interest onto a mystic blue coupe w/ sand leather and just shy of 49,000 miles.
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    My search ends right here ....

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    Did you buy it?

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    Yes I did. It's a two owner example w/ 49,000 mile on the odometer but drives like a brand new car. M54 engine is such a lovely, torquey motor that suits the E46 nicely, giving it a satisfying shove in any gear.
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