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    Highest HP result from a M54B30 [GEORGIA, Europe]

    Engine Builder:

    N/A tuned BMW E46 330i, M/T5, MS43 316HP(268WHP)
    M54B25 Pistons
    M54B30 Crankshaft & Rods
    Compression Value 12.0
    M50 Intake Manifold
    M62B48 TB
    Cold Air Intake Boot
    K/N Intake Filter
    Supersprint Replica Headers
    Ported Head
    Grinded Camshafts (10.5 264 & 10.0 248)
    fuel 98ron (93 octane)
    Unfortunately the results was achieved on stock M54B30 injectors which limited the outcome.
    The engine was hand built by Temo Todua and tuned by Akaki Narmania

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    These guys got 425HP (354WHP) out of a NA M54b30:

    Seems like good pistons are the key to high HP on the M54.
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    Interesting, they should get new injectors and re-dyno. If they're using VE tables then you don't even need to redo the fueling table, just re-characterize the injectors and you don't need to do any tuning

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    425 out of an NA m54?!?! That’s incredible, wonder how it feels compared to a modified M3, saw they fitted the M3 ITBs on.

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