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Thread: Overheated causing 3 other problems

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    Well would the head gasket not fail as a result of warpage of the head itself due to overheating?

    Overheating is the achilles heel of our car. I have the buffer removed along with a digital gauge from my eKombi displaying on my nav

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    I've heard of head gaskets failing without head failure, so just wanted to clarify that.
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    I guess he can s54 swap early. But it doesn't sound like he has money for that...

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    Thanks guys for the help... The more i read the more I find out what I dont know and its depressing... at the worst F%$^%# time too... I know there's never a GOOD time but this summer has been f%^#$ HELL in every way.

    Anyways, no reprogramming done on the gauge, and Yea I drove it quite a bit to get home, I was so angry already and I had no idea any mechanical legit unit would have such a low safety tolerance. I guess in my memory, the last time I was in this situation was when I had tony old Accord and I drove it for weeks over heating and just thought it ran hot. Yes I was like 17 then, my first cars so we dont need to go there.

    Anyways knowing that experience actually hurt me here, thinking if that POS ran like that for weeks, how could this amazing car have any trouble running several miles overheated. Anyways, whatever, all that crap doesn't matter anymore.

    So my mech (and dont get me started on the all mech stories, it'll take days, for those of you wondering why am I giving this guy a second chance) just replied with this, after I told him we need to check the head gasket, do we still need the tank:

    "You need the bottle, it cracked down the side which is common on an old BMW. A compression test won't tell you anything as the motor would have a miss in it if the head or head gasket has just a small failure. There is a kit you can get from Autozone or O'Reilly to test head gasket"
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    The mechanic could also check for exhaust in the coolant if he was well-equipped. There are also test sticks as he mentioned.
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    Test the coolant for exhaust gas, first. I remember O'Reilly's (probaby Autozone and Napa, too) will lend you the kit but you have to buy the test fluid (~$10-15).

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