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Thread: Supercharger questions

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    Supercharger questions

    I am looking into supercharging my ZHP.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

    Can the stock block handle it?

    What should I upgrade?

    Is there a kit with everything?

    How is the reliability?
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    I’m mostly posting because I want to be subbed, but there are some centrifugal sc kits out there. ESS tuning makes one. They used to have a twin screw kit but discontinued it. That’s the one I would have gotten.
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    The G Power kit comes with everything.
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    I’ll be going VF engineering on mine, full kit with everything you need.
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    Really no basic car mods necessary to handle an SC (some come with an oil cooler, etc). Dependinf on how much boost, you can so the subframe reinforcement. You can alos do some maint things before it goes in as those are harder to get to, but as is you can install one no issues. (They replace the injectors, disa goes away, etc. I like my ESS TS1.

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    I have almost 100k miles on my ESS TS2 supercharger. Engine had ~65k miles when installed and was completely stock. A TS2 setup runs at around 320-340hp. I don’t track my car, but has been daily driven with this setup for over 10 years.

    Some thoughts:
    - M54 stock internals are pretty reliable up through ~400hp (crank). Some things like injectors will need to be upgraded depending on desired hp level.
    - An engine oil cooler added would be nice, but not required if not tracked.
    - The stock headers/cats are a huge restriction, but my be a necessary evil for some.
    - As always prior maintenance is critical, although the motors are strong I would not do this to a “junkyard save.”
    - Stock clutch is also ok up to ~370hp. Depending on the condition of your current clutch, consider refreshing for a SC installation. BTW, the whole stock driveline is robust to ~370-400hp. Well, the traction control doesn’t like 340hp .
    - TS2 is a twin screw and is likely the closest thing to what a factory SC setup would have been, but is no longer available from ESS from what I understand.
    - The available centrifugal SCs should provide similar fun.
    - Recommend a SC setup that includes an intercooler. Better for hp and engine longevity.


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    No longer available?

    What MPG are you getting?

    Steven, you're famous man :-)

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    Supercharger questions

    Ha! Not me though! That Steven is running a Vortec SC.

    Interesting on the ESS link. Rumor on the Fanatics forum is ESS no longer has any TS kits and have moved to centrifugal SC.

    TS is ultimately the most optimal SC but centrifugal ones are easier to install and don’t thermal soak quite as bad.

    Most of all my driving is in town and I try and give the car a run to red line once a drive. Just keeping the deposits down…. So I average 20-21mpg. I am guessing the highway would be in 24-26mpg range.

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