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    What causes outer tire wear

    I bought my ZHP 5 years ago with 49K miles. When I got the car I had put new Michelins on all 4 corners. I only drive the car about 500 miles a year, and earlier this year I had the lower control arms, bushing, balljoints, struts installed, and an alignment. When I left Florida 6 weeks ago the front tires still looked new. The wife drove the car 750 miles to NC yesterday and the front tires are both worn on the outside edge. They have about 5/32's of tread where the inside has 7/32's. Could it be the age of the tires? I checked the mechanic receipts, all parts were OEM and they are all the corrects ones. The only thing I can think of is the tires are just old and wore out fast or the shop forgot to align it. Any other thoughts?

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    can't imagine it's the tires..... incorrect inflation would have likely worn both edges, not just the outer. So I'd suspect improper alignment for them to wear that quickly, especially after the suspension refresh

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    Did you get a printout of before/after alignment specs?

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    My mechanic had the alignment done so I don't have a print out. The tires were just inflated before she drove it back - which is why I am a loss for what happened. The car drives and handles like a million bucks - no pulling - steering wheel is on center. I will take it to a shop next week to have the alignment checked again.

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    I would say incorrect alignment if everything else is replaced. Maybe too much toe out.

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    Here are a couple of pictures - one is of the rear tire which looks normal and one of the front tire that is flat on the side and top
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    Any one know where I can still find a pair of michelin pilot sport a/s 3 225/40zr18 ? I have been searching high and low as the rear tires still have 9/32 tread so I want to find a pair that match for the front

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    There are some used ones on ebay. Some years ago I bought one in there for my E90 330. The transaction went smooth and I was happy with the deal. Check this one for example:
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    Thanks Fredo - I will ping the seller to see what the date is on it. I am tempted to buy 4 new ones even though my rears have 9/32's of tread left as they are close to 6 years old. This is what happens to garage art - if you don't drive it you eventually end up replacing stuff due to age

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