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Thread: 2001 ZHP?

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    2001 ZHP?

    Hey y'all. I have been consistently looking every day to find myself my first ZHP and I ran across something today that really has me thrown off. Its a 2001 330ci. Doesnt mention anything in the listing about it being a ZHP but its got a 6800 red line with red needles, M shifter knob, the ZHP trunk lip and front bumper. The only two things that didnt pass the test are no alacantra, no M badge on the steering wheel or wheels, and its a 2001... This thing is pretty beat up but really low miles. Thought maybe they mixed up the year but had them send me the vin and its in fact a 2001. So I cant figure it out. Based on the condition the interior is in, someone obviously didnt care about this car but what I cant make sense of is if they didnt care about it, why put the time into modding the tach, trunk lip, bumper, shifter knob to make it look like a ZHP. I'm not crazy right? ZHPs didnt exist until 2003?

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    Was it originally delivered to Canada?
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    Run the VIN thru this decoder and look for this option : "767 Performance Package"

    But you are right, the earliest ZHPs are model 2003.
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    The ZHP performance package was available on 2003-2005 330 sedans (330i) and 2004-2006 330 coupes and convertibles (330Ci/330Cic).

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Run the VIN thru this decoder and look for this option : "767 Performance Package"

    But you are right, the earliest ZHPs are model 2003.
    Ran the VIN and no there is no 767 performance package listed. It does say it came with M wheels and M steering wheel which is really really weird cause those are the only two things I COULDNT find on it. Still doesnt quite explain who made body mods and modded the gauge cluster to look like a ZHP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John in VA View Post
    Was it originally delivered to Canada?
    No, says US market when I ran the VIN

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    I've seen the "ZHP" clusters come from BMW for replacement in Non-ZHP cars, FYI. Could have had a cluster failure in its lifetime and was replaced. OR someone swapped it along the way. Everything you listed is easy to swap, most people don't take the time to swap the black headliner/pillars or shadowline trim, usually the dead giveaway.
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