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Thread: Completely smitten ...

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    Original window sticker was in the glove box

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    Local BMW master mechanic said no surprises like rust or leaks in the shocks, cooling system or engine. Needless to say it’s going to need preventative maintenance and I will check if the VANOS needs addressed. I’m a relative newbie but am confident will learn from the collective wisdom here.
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    Man that is an absolutely gorgeous combo. Love the tan interior on a blue car. And mystic is fricken BLUE.

    Chef's kiss

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    Hey... I'll take that front bumper off your hands, if you're getting a new one jk. Looks really good in the pics

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    congrats. car looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Early11fan View Post
    Seattle ... 18 miles away from my residence ! Owner was a retired military service member who recently passed away (RIP). My goals for the vehicle include take care of the cosmetics (front and rear bumper has typical road rash rock ships and a few scrapes), paint correction, remove the aging tint film and get some fresh Michelinís

    Donít have too much by way of records but has been regularly serviced and but has had air leak at air mass meter boot fixed recently and recently serviced which included oil change, brake fluid flush, filters, new front brake pads, rotors and lower front control arm bushings.
    Nice, a fellow PacNWer!

    And I'm all about the light beige interior. I had an Orient Blue on Light Beige leather ZSP before my ZHP, it is a great interior color with blue.

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    Thank you all. OName:  3E187909-F627-4B8E-A49A-1FA7A106418F.jpeg
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Size:  1.82 MB Orient, mystic, alpine and imola were the only ones I was looking for .. grew up lusting for a sedan as the proportions were just perfect but when this local one came up for grabs it’s was too good to pass. I’m sure if I ever wanted a sedan a coupe would not be hard to sell. I don’t need the rear seats so the decision was easy. Coupes have their own appeal for sure.

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    Congrats man, beautiful ZHP youíve got there. What a gem. Iím still on the hunt for one too

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